You Don’t Have To Do It All

Youth Ministry isn’t a one-man show, but don’t we act like it sometimes? As youth ministers I think we all have a tendency to buy into the lie that unless we have our hands in everything in someway then we’re not doing our job. You are human and you can only do so much. Do not be afraid to ask for help. What can you give to your Core team to take off your plate? Can you ask a few parent volunteers to come in and help you do some cleaning and organizing?

4 Things You Need to Do Before Your Fall Kick Off

It’s that time of year for me where I’m fiercely recruiting CORE members, planning life nights, retreats, events, oh my! There are so many to dos at this time of year. And, this blog is about none of those things. It’s about an equally important list of things we forget to do in the hustle […]

5 Awesome, Little Preparation Games for Teens

Part of the reason I got into youth ministry is to play games. Games are a great chance to help you bond with teenagers and kill extra time at the end of a Life Night or while waiting somewhere with your teens on a summer trip. So, I present to you my top five favorite […]