Destination Unknown: Why You Should Have a Mystery Youth Trip

Are you trying to plan that perfect trip during the summer? Are you looking for something new to do? Do you want teens to be fired up about going? Offer a Mystery Trip!

What? Where are we are going…???…???…??? That’s right. You have a bunch of teens sign up for a trip that they have no clue where they are going. Yes. That’s it. And, here’s why you need to go on a Mystery Trip with your group:

Faith in Action: Community Service Ideas

Community service is the giving of ourselves to help others rather than a “project completed” or “hours counted.” As Jesus said, “For the Son of Man also came not to be served, but to serve”‚Ä® (Mark 10:45). Below is a list of simple ways youth can reach out, make a connection and help others in […]

Don’t Forget to Pray This Summer

We need to remember the real effectiveness of our ministry to young people is based on prayer. As youth ministers we must be people of prayer first, not just for our ministries, but also for our spiritual well being and the well being of the young people we are serving. Summer allows amazing opportunities to connect and go deeper.