The Ultimate Life Teen Snowman Building Contest

The east coast of the United States was getting a healthy dose of fluffy white snow when their latest Life Support shipment arrived with the perfect Life Support toy: A snowman kit. I’m sure many of you (especially parents) had flashbacks of a certain hit song from a certain animated film as soon as you […]

Life Teen 2015 Update

Our Vice President pulled out all of his best facial expressions to convey to you just how awesome this year is going to be. This year Life Teen turns the big three-zero. (That’s 30 for those of us who don’t want to do the math.) We thank God for these past 30 years and are […]

Liturgy Planning Guide: Saints Peter and Paul

Recently, we published a Liturgy Planning Guide that included Sundays for March 9th to July 6th. Post-publication, we discovered an error within that Liturgy Planning Guide for June 29th, and we wanted to correct that for our subscribing parishes as they look forward to music, homily suggestions, and key words and themes for that Sunday.

Disabled Body, Able Soul

Last weekend, her mom was not able to take care of her, so she stayed with my family. The time spent with her is always a great trial of patience. I found myself constantly failing to remind myself that she does in fact have a mental disorder, and her actions are justified in the eyes of God. I would snap at her and gossip about her to my family members, who felt the same way.

How to Slap Shame in the Face

Editor’s Note: The author of this blog has asked to remain anonymous. “Guilt is feeling bad about what you’ve done. Shame is feeling bad about who you are.” I was listening to a podcast when I heard this sentiment. I was floored. As someone who has struggled with shame for a long time, I had […]

Free Youth Ministry Resources for the Canonization of Saint John Paul II

For many of us who work in youth ministry, Pope John Paul II was a shepherd and father like none other. His love and affection for young people led thousands to the faith. His devotion to the Eucharist and Mary showed us how to live in God’s love. His courage to stand for justice brought […]

You Saved My Life: A Letter to My Youth Minister

Since starting my college career, I have seen both a member of my graduating class and a onetime friend that I have grown up with take their own lives. I have seen the pain and sadness that it causes to their friends and family alike and it chills me to think that not very long ago, that could have been me. I thank God every day, that I had all the wonderful people of Life Teen to show me God’s love personified in the world, because without you… I truly don’t know if I would be here today.

Gimme Shelter: A Resource for Youth Groups

In hopes to provide a way to facilitate a discussion about this film, we’ve created a resource for you to use with your youth. The goal of this resource is to break down the themes of suffering, brokenness, and hope, as well as, help the youth see that God is always present even in the worst of circumstances. and Today and the Future

It’s been two and half months since our release of the new and and I wanted to give you a heads up about where we’re at today and what the future looks like. Today: Phones are ringing off the hook One of the basic features on is the ability to find and […]

In the Clouds: Trusting our Pilot

We’ve all had moments when we’ve had to blindly trust our Lord. When our lives seemed to be in a cloud and we couldn’t even see our hand in front of our face. Those moments when we’ve wondered “why?” and we’ve wanted to give up. When we’ve doubted our pilot and His ability to know what is on the other side of that cloud.The next time your life seems to be turbulent and your pilot has just flown into a cloud with lightning in the distance, remember that He’s got this. That He knows where He’s taking you. Trust Him. Invite Him into your doubts. Into your Questions. Into your Emotions. Into your uncertainty.

The 7 Essentials to Pack for a Youth Ministry Trip

It’s summer time and that means it’s time for the summer camp, conference and work camp experience! In all the hustle and bustle of getting ready for your parish’s annual trip, make sure you do not leave home without the following: Duck tape: If youth ministers had a utility belt, this would be in the […]

Whether You Like It or Not, You Are ALWAYS Forming Disciples

Ever ridden on the back of a large ship and gazed at the wake it left in the sea? In many ways our ministry with young people is leaving a wake with large and small ripple effects. If we judge our ministry by the fruit it bears, the highest mark or waves we make for […]

5 Tips for Starting a New Youth Ministry Job

Ôøº We’re coming up on that exciting time of year – new beginnings in youth ministry. Over the next few months, countless parishes around the country will be bringing on new youth ministers – some of them will have had experience, and others may not. Regardless, when youth ministers walk into parishes, we often make […]

Surviving End of the School Year Stress

If you’re anything like me, you feel a little stressed in youth ministry right now. The number of teens faithfully attending is declining, summer events still need planning, Confirmation is happening (or just happened), graduating teens are politely demanding letters of recommendation, and there’s still this little thing called life. Add all of that up […]

What Kind of Vineyard Worker Are You?

Reflecting on the parable of the workers in the vineyard, I am drawn to which worker I more often resemble as a youth minister. Do I serve without reservation and gladly accept what God gives me? Or do I grumble most of the time and keep asking for more? When we are the grumbling workers […]

Does Your Team Know Where They Stand?

About a week ago, I was privileged to join the Life Teen staff for Chick-Fil-A Leadercast. We heard amazing talks about leadership and of course, ate some tasty chicken. Many things resonated with me throughout the day, but one speaker said something that completely blew me away. It was a quote that I have not […]

5 Things You Need To Know About Life Teen This Week

1. ) Life Teen Summer Missionaries began 2 intense weeks of training at Life Teen Camp Covecrest in Tiger, GA in preparation for round one of Summer Life Teen Camps! 2.) 6 Atlanta parishes have signed on to implement our new Life Teen Intentional Discipleship in the fall utilizing Life Teen full time missionaries. This […]


There have been two times this past month that the word “always” has brought me to tears (which isn’t all that difficult, ask my teens). But seriously, one word doesn’t usually evoke that kind of emotion. Maybe it wasn’t the word itself, but what it stood for. Talking to one of my juniors after a […]

3 Ways That Summer Can Help Your Youth Ministry

Summer in youth ministry – it’s flipping sweet. While much of the parish seems to be slowing down and relaxing, summer is when youth ministry hits high gear. Why? Teens are off of school and looking for things to do! During the school year, we’re competing with everything from homework overload to play and choir […]

How to Take Negative Feedback from a Parent

“Hi Kenn, I need to talk to you about last night’s teen life event. Can you call me?” Ever get that phone message in your voicemail? I love working with parents, but that voicemail always sends a chill down my spine and immediately gets me asking “what could they possibly want? And what if it’s bad feed back?”

Life is More Than Plants vs. Zombies

iPhone games are the best. Angry Birds, Plants Versus Zombies, Infinity Blade, Fruit Ninja, Temple Run – the list of our favorite games to play on our phones could go on and on. It’s really convenient to pull out my phone and be entertained while waiting in line somewhere, or for a few minutes at home before we’ve got to saddle up to head out somewhere.

4 Times And I’ll Never Bother You Again

What about those hard to reach teens who you have asked multiple times to attend events. Have you ever reached that point where it just didn’t seem worth it and you felt like you needed to do something more direct to try and draw them in? Last night while talking to one of our amazing […]

Why You Need to Read the Book “Rebuilt”

My pastor recently got me hooked on a book called “Rebuilt” by Fr. Michael White and Tom Corcoran. The book chronicles their attempts to “re-build” their parish located in Timonium, Maryland. And, they’ve had a lot of quantifiable success. In their years since launching their efforts, they’ve rebuild their parish from a weekend attendance of 1,400 people to over 4,000 people. White and Corcoran are very upfront in saying their problems and solutions are not applicable in every parish. But, it certainly got my wheels turning about how I can be doing better ministry. These are the things that stood out to me as I read “Rebuilt.”

Do These 3 Things For a Week, and Double Your Confidence in Youth Ministry

Let’s face it, there can be no less thankful role in parish ministry than the youth leader or coordinator. With comments from parents asking you to do more and preach less to parish staff members wondering what you do all day, it can be a thankless role. I really don’t know of many youth leaders […]

Reaching Multi Screen Teens

On a recent visit to a local coffee shop to meet with a youth ministry friend, I was amazed to count that there were 52 people in the shop at 2 pm. Of the 52 people only my friend and I were having a face to face conversation. All 50 other people were sipping coffee […]

Making a Life Night Environment on a Budget

Making environments for retreats and life nights are some of my favorite parts of youth ministry. They really take a good life night to the next level and add some “wow!” factor when teens walk in the room. In the past, it wasn’t uncommon for me to spend a lot of money to make a killer environment. However, times are changing and my Church is looking at greatly shrinking our budgets. How can youth ministry keep providing great environments for teens at a fraction of a cost? My solution is to build a few life night set-ups that I can reuse with elements I can swap in and out.

Always Step Outside Yourself

If there is one leadership skill that makes leaders stand out, it’s their ability to “work a room” or simply to step outside themselves and acknowledge most if not all people wherever they are. Recently while visiting a parish I asked a teen how he got involved in Life Teen? He simply looked at me […]

Thank God for Ministry Spouses!

Who are the men and woman who stay at home and eat dinner without his or her spouse every Sunday during Life Night? Who bathes the children and puts them to bed before the Life Night ends? Who prays as much, if not more, for the teens who are in the youth group? Who stands […]

Is Your Ministry Fearless?

In fact, that’s why I became a youth minister. I knew it would be tough, but I was up for the challenge. (And, well, I wanted a gangsta job where I could use a handheld microphone regularly.)In reality, nine years of youth ministry taught me a lot about myself, but perhaps the biggest thing it showed me is that I’m not as brave as I thought. If I’m honest, there were a lot of times when…

Forgetting the 99

This is great motivation for outreach. We can never be satisfied with how many teens we have at our Life Nights or at our retreats, we always need to be reaching out to and sharing the Gospel with more. We always need to go after that one. But what happens if that one decides they aren’t interested? Or what happens if that one is a teen that was really involved, but suddenly disappears and you start hearing about all of their unholy exploits? What happens when that really involved senior goes to college and becomes an atheist?

Tell the Truth: Marriage Equality and Your Teens

This is the holiest time of the year. Yet, the headline of Christ’s death and resurrection has been usurped by the two cases before the U.S. Supreme Court related to the definition of marriage. The conversation about homosexuality and same-sex marriage has reached a sort of frenzy as people have waited in line to get a seat at the Supreme Court, as reporters have tried to guess what the justices are thinking, and as everyone’s comments and opinions have taken over social media. Despite how common this issue is right now, it can be a difficult one to address with our teens because it is such a polarized topic. We do our youth an injustice if we never talk about it, though. They need to know what the Catholic Church teaches about homosexuality and marriage, and why the two don’t go together.

Stuff Youth Ministers Like #35: The Finale “YM’s vs. Food”

Any good series must eventually come to an end. Lord of the Rings, Rocky, and Seinfeld all eventually had to conclude, which means, yes, one day we will all face the depressing reality that the same fate will plague Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. (I’ll give you second to let the sink in.) Okay. Hopefully […]

Stuff Youth Ministers Like #34: Corny Jokes

As corny as the jokes may be, I learned several years ago that they can be an effective way of breaking the ice in an otherwise awkward group of middle school and high school teenagers. After all, nothing says, “I’m way more goofy than you are,” than a really bad joke with a cheesy punch line. So this one is for all of you comedians turned youth ministers, keep up with the bad jokes. Trust me, one day you are going to overhear that teen who stared at you blankly telling one of his friends, “Okay, so two fish were in a tank . . . ” And if they can remember a cheesy joke like that, just think about what they'll remember about Jesus.

Stuff Youth Ministers Like #33: Plaid Shirts

So when it came to looking fashionable as a youth minister, I had no hope. I had no desire to grow a goatee, wouldn’t let skinny jeans within a mile of my closet, and wouldn’t wear plaid if I were paid to play on the PGA Tour. As a youth minister, this evidently put me in the minority. I even used to get stared at during training conference by groups of youth ministers who appeared to be thinking, “What’s wrong with you? You’re not one of us.”

Stuff Youth Ministers Like #32: Using Their Car as an Office

Praise God for my car! And even though it was held together with a couple clothespins and some paperclips, it served as a great mobile storage unit. Where else was I supposed to keep those buckets of Red Vines before the big Fall Kickoff? And while towing around ten boxes of Bibles for Confirmation Candidates in my trunk for two months didn’t do much for my miles per gallon, it was just more convenient.

Stuff Youth Ministers Like #31: Unique Christmas Parties

So as adults we find another way to celebrate the season: Christmas parties. Unfortunately, most Christmas parties are best described as a bunch of adults standing around and talking to each other while eating cheese and crackers and trying to avoid that one crazy friend who drove up in a mini van decorated with “antlers” and a “Rudolph” nose. And then of course, you also have to deal with the fact that you know twelve different people throwing a party, but there’s only four weekends in December before Christmas.It’s at this moment, when I praise God for Youth Ministry.The very best Christmas parties I’ve ever been to were at youth groups.

Snapchat: The Truth About This Popular App

The biggest problem with an app like this is that it allows teens, especially those that are tempted to engage in sexting, to perpetuate a false identity online while also giving them a false sense of security. Once a picture is taken and texted to another person it can’t just “disappear forever.” The receiver of the message could take a screenshot of their phone or take a picture of their phone with another device. Plus, there’s the reality of it going through Snapchat’s servers as well.

Stuff Youth Ministers Like #30: Talking About Their Kids

So, how do these stories relate?Maybe it’s because we’re all God’s children. Perhaps it has to do with being obedient to our Father. Or maybe the love parents have for their kids is similar to the unconditional love God has for all of us.As a parent of a 7-month old now, I can definitely say that last one is true. I’ll do anything to bring my son closer to Christ, and I hope that one day, there is a youth minister with enough guts to do the same.

Stuff Youth Ministers Like #29: Rule Skits

But for some reason it does, and all of us youth ministers are better off for it. After all, when teens know the rules and follow the rules, it allows them to enter into the most important rule of all: to keep an open heart for the weekend.And if it takes SpongeBob to get that across, well, so be it.

Stuff Youth Ministers Like #28: A Parish Staff Meeting Survival Guide

Honestly, if I could do it all over again, I would have been more intentional about engaging in Parish Staff Meetings. Not only were they a great opportunity to be an advocate for the youth, but they were a chance to genuinely take an interest in the work of my fellow staff members. Maybe if I had done that, they would have taken a greater interest in my ministry.

Stuff Youth Ministers Like #27: Teens.

For any youth minister, there is nothing like watching a teen come to understand God’s unconditional love for them. There is nothing like seeing a group of teens in line for the Sacrament of Reconciliation. And there is nothing like knowing that a teen who just went off to college knows that the God of the universe is truly present in the Eucharist in any Catholic Church they attend.

Stuff Youth Ministers Like #26: Bus Trips

I miss those bus rides. As terrifying as it was to be in charge of 64 people, it was so humbling that God had put me there to keep them safe so He could do His work. And on some of those bus rides people did get sick, and the A/C once went out, and we did get a flat tire that forced us to play a solid three hours of cheesy youth ministry games. But through it all there was great relational ministry, lots of laughs, and conversion.

Stuff Youth Ministers Like #25: Handheld Microphones

There’s just something about a handheld microphone that gives you instant credibility as a youth minister. Maybe it’s because you can have the loudest voice in the room. Maybe it’s because it allows you to have better command of your youth group. Maybe it’s because it makes you look like some sort of youth ministry gangsta even when that battery cover is held together with 2 rolls of duck tape.

Stuff Youth Ministers Like #24: School Lunches

There is nothing that evokes a wider ranger of emotions than walking into a high school lunchroom. You both feel simultaneously bold, apostolic, timid, and self-conscious: “Wow, I’m just like the Apostle Paul walking into the Areopagus about to preach Christ . . . wait, are those football players judging me? Oh boy, where am I supposed to sit? What if no one wants to sit with me? I gotta get out of here!”

Stuff Youth Ministers Like #22: Your Friendly Maintenance Man

Oh how thankful I was for our maintenance man. While the bookkeeper couldn’t understand how chocolate syrup, marshmallows, and a marshmallow shooter could lead teens closer to Christ, the maintenance man had no questions, only suggestions:“You know, Eric. If you take the marshmallow and dip it in butter first, you’d be surprised how far they go.”

Stuff Youth Ministers Like #21: Citing Scripture

I want to let you in on a youth ministry secret that took me years to realize – if you want to sound smarter, you need to cite passages from the Bible in your talks. Now, that may sound simple to you and perhaps you already do this, if so, you know where I am coming from.

Stuff Youth Ministers Like #20: Over-the-Top Kickoffs

As youth ministers we love our over-the-top kickoffs. It’s our chance to show the teens that contrary to popular belief we do get outside our chapels and know how to have a good time. Hey, and maybe, just maybe if we do it well enough, they’ll come back the following week. One could only hope right? After all, what’s the point of a great Fall Kickoff if the teens don’t get to experience Jesus the other various times we meet throughout the year.

Stuff Youth Ministers Like #19: Becoming a Catholic Speaker

So here is what I realized: We need great Catholic speakers, but we need great youth ministers, because those speakers aren’t coming home on the bus – you are. Those speakers won’t be at your local high school – you need to be. And ten years from now, a teen may remember a great talk, but they aren’t going to invite that speaker to their wedding – they are going to invite you.

Stuff Youth Ministers Like #18: “I’m Poor” Conversations

If you’ve ever listened to a youth minister, you have probably heard him or her talk about a number of things, including but not limited to: Jesus, the Church, the best use of shaving cream in an opening icebreaker. Being pulled in so many different directions, youth ministers have an array of knowledge on many […]