4 Times And I’ll Never Bother You Again

What about those hard to reach teens who you have asked multiple times to attend events. Have you ever reached that point where it just didn’t seem worth it and you felt like you needed to do something more direct to try and draw them in? Last night while talking to one of our amazing youth ministers in Wisconsin, I heard a technique that is working big time and has yet to fail when the teen agrees and follows through.


Let’s call it – 4 Times And I’ll Never Bother You Again

Here’s how it works. Take that particularly stubborn teen you have been inviting to task by telling them that they must be getting tired of you asking them to attend. Make an offer to them. Tell them that if after they attend 4 consecutive Life Nights, Edge Nights, Bible studies or some other weekly meeting at your parish and they still don’t like it that you will never bother them again. That doesn’t mean you won’t pray for them everyday , it just means you won’t ask them to attend again. So far this challenge is having amazing results as teens after 4 consectutive meetings are connected and wanting to keep attending.

So who are the teens you are currently constantly inviting that need this challenge?



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