In the Clouds: Trusting our Pilot

A couple of weeks ago, my bride and I took a plane ride to the “desert,” as my kids told people. We went to the Catholic Youth Ministry Convention. It was great experience. We learned lots. We had great fellowship with people who are in active ministry with teens, so they knew and understood what our lives are like.

On our flight to the Convention, we had a delay because of a storm. After an hour, the weather cleared up enough for us to take off (my least favorite part of flying). Once we were in the air, and I felt the landing gear “clunk” up (about the time I usually relax on a flight), I began to wonder why we were allowed to take off. I could see black clouds and lightning in the distance. The turbulence was a bit rough. And did I mention the lightning in the distance?

As we were approaching our “flying altitude,” we went through a cloud. I looked out the window, and I couldn’t see the wing of the plane. This kind of concerned me, since my window was directly over the wing. It was dark. The plane was bouncing. The fasten seatbelt light was on. The pilot had even instructed the flight crew to stay buckled “until he gave them the okay.” To say the least, I was nervous (death grip on my arm rests).

I have reflected on this moment since we’ve returned from the “desert.” It has surfaced in prayer over the past week as I ask our Lord questions and tend to doubt His plan. I’ve realized what a parallel it is to our everyday lives.

We’ve all had moments when we’ve had to blindly trust our Lord. When our lives seemed to be in a cloud and we couldn’t even see our hand in front of our face. Those moments when we’ve wondered “why?” and we’ve wanted to give up. When we’ve doubted our pilot and His ability to know what is on the other side of that cloud.

The next time your life seems to be turbulent and your pilot has just flown into a cloud with lightning in the distance, remember that He’s got this. That He knows where He’s taking you. Trust Him. Invite Him into your doubts. Into your Questions. Into your Emotions. Into your uncertainty.

Our Lord has been piloting lives longer then we’ve been around. He knows where we need to go.

Question: What do you need to trust God with today?

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