Stuff Youth Ministers Like #20: Over-the-Top Kickoffs

One of my favorite months of the year as a youth minister was August. Summer was winding down, school was starting up, and adults began ducking me after Mass because they knew I was going to ask them to be on the Core Team. Oh August. You were so good to me, and in the midst of chasing down teens to beg and plead with them to come to youth group, somehow I found some time to plan our Fall Kickoff.

For me, every Fall Kickoff I planned became a contest in “Can You Top This”:

  • Icebreakers with every gross food known to man blended up into a delicious smoothie, I say the grosser the better.
  • Sumo suits and oversize inflatables that turned my parish parking lot into a circus, bring the monkeys and elephants too.
  • Dodge ball? Not enough. Turn the lights out and make it glow. After all it’s not a true youth ministry social until someone breaks their arm.
  • Oh, and those Olympic years. I once built a wooden boxing ring in my parish hall purely for decoration. (Brilliant!)

As youth ministers we love our over-the-top kickoffs. It’s our chance to show the teens that contrary to popular belief we do get outside our chapels and know how to have a good time. Hey, and maybe, just maybe if we do it well enough, they’ll come back the following week. One could only hope right? After all, what’s the point of a great Fall Kickoff if the teens don’t get to experience Jesus the other various times we meet throughout the year.

As you get ready to kickoff your Fall Semester, know that we at Life Teen are praying for you, and if there’s anything we can ever do to support you, we’re just a phone call away.

Question: What are you doing for your Fall Kickoff this year? (Share below.)

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