Stuff Youth Ministers Like #23: Silly Costumes

As a young boy, one of my favorite days of the year was Halloween. While candy was always a nice reward, my little heart could only take so many pixie sticks and peanut-shaped marshmallows before it wanted to explode.

My favorite part was dressing up, and Halloween was my one opportunity each year to wear something that expressed the true desires of my heart. Superman . . . check. He-Man . . . check. California Raisin . . . check. (Okay, I was an obscure little child. Seriously, what little boy says, “I want to be a raisin for Halloween?” This guy).

Thankfully, God was only preparing me for my future career. After all, as youth ministers, we know that there are only so many times you can shave your head until you have to find a new way to get teens to come to youth group. Why not try a costume?

Do you need One Direction to make a special appearance at your youth group?

Dress up as them. (Although you should be prepared to see some disappointed teens.)

Need to illustrate a scripture passage?

Dress as a camel and try to fit through the eye of a needle. (Yep. We did this, and just as Jesus alluded to, it’s pretty difficult.)

Need to blend into the environment based on the Garden of Eden?

Wear a full-body fig leaf costume. (I still don’t know how I got talked into that for the 2012 Catholic Youth Ministry Training Convention.)

In a world that places such an emphasis on shock value, silly costumes are our one opportunity to have a teen say, “He’s going to wear what? Oh, I’ve got to see this.” And if dressing up as Justin Bieber allows me the chance to bring one teen closer to heaven, break out the skinny jeans shirt and the awkward haircut.

It’s worth it.

Question: What’s the craziest costume you’ve ever worn at your youth group? (Share below.)

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