Stuff Youth Ministers Like #29: Rule Skits

Every Friday night on any retreat seems to start off the same way:

Long bus ride up a big mountain with Rudy playing on those tiny TVs.

Core Members offering rosaries that said bus doesn’t get a flat tire.

Bus gets flat tire because Mary wants everyone to grow in patience.

Bus finally arrives at the camp. Teens place their stuff in cabins, and Session 1 begins with some prayer and everyone’s favorite: a Rule Skit!

Any retreat I’ve ever been on always has to have some creative way to present the rules, and to be honest it boggles my mind. It’s like we, as youth ministers, think teenagers can’t handle a one-minute list of rules.

Maybe they’ll tune us out.

Maybe they’ll miss one.

They must know that there’s no drugs or alcohol allowed at the camp.

Oh, and we have that “no purple” joke we’ve crafted that we must use!

What should we do? We need to hold their attention.

They may not listen to us, but I bet they’d listen to Batman and Napoleon Dynamite.

There’s something so beautifully cheesy about rule skits, and each one must top the previous. The more ridiculous it is, the more it seems to get the point across.

I have no idea how this happens.

I have no idea why this resonates with teens.

But for some reason it does, and all of us youth ministers are better off for it. After all, when teens know the rules and follow the rules, it allows them to enter into the most important rule of all: to keep an open heart for the weekend.

And if it takes SpongeBob to get that across, well, so be it.

Question: What’s the most ridiculous rules skit you’ve ever done? (Share below.)

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