Stuff Youth Ministers Like #30: Talking About Their Kids

I spent my entire nine-year career as a youth minister as a single man. I know that’s hard to believe. I know you’re trying to comprehend this fact. And I know you’re all wondering how this good-looking, smart, funny man with a rockin’ cowlick could stay on the market for so long.

Well, my friends, it just goes to show you that anything is possible.

Now, while I did have a few girlfriends during that time, it wasn’t until after I left my role as a full-time youth minister that I got married. So, for those of you keeping score that means during my years as a youth minister, I did not have any kids of my own.

Oh but don’t worry. Thanks to the wonder that is the youth ministry stage, I got to hear about everyone else’s.

At conferences I listened to stories about how little Timmy went sleigh riding.

At XLTs, I was enchanted by the tales of baby Sophia’s trips to Target.

And at a rally, I even got to hear about how Mikey ate cereal for the first time, and believe it or not, he really did like it.

All of this was enough to make a single youth minister ponder, “You know, if I ever have kids I could instantly triple my amount of speaking material!”

But deep down it really boggled my mind.

Middle schoolers don’t have kids.

The overwhelming majority of high school teens don’t have children.

So, how do these stories relate?

Maybe it’s because we’re all God’s children.

Perhaps it has to do with being obedient to our Father.

Or maybe the love parents have for their kids is similar to the unconditional love God has for all of us.

As a parent of a 7-month old now, I can definitely say that last one is true. I’ll do anything to bring my son closer to Christ, and I hope that one day, there is a youth minister with enough guts to do the same.

That’s the story I want to tell.

Question: What’s your favorite story to tell in a talk to teens? (Share below.)

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