Stuff Youth Ministers Like #31: Unique Christmas Parties

One of the hardest things about becoming an adult is dealing with Christmas parties. When you’re a kid or a teenager these don’t matter. You spend most of your days trying to finish that project that’s due or cram for finals all while anxiously awaiting Christmas Day when you can find out what ridiculously awesome gifts you got and use that fake smile when you open that pack of tube socks.

But when you become an adult, things change.

Maybe it’s because the biggest thing you receive is that bill for those Christmas gifts you bought.

Or maybe it’s because the gifts you receive don’t have the same pizazz that they once did.

“Oh wow . . . a vacuum cleaner” just doesn’t have the same feel as “Nintendo Sixty FOOOOOOOOOUR! OH MY GOSH!”

So as adults we find another way to celebrate the season: Christmas parties. Unfortunately, most Christmas parties are best described as a bunch of adults standing around and talking to each other while eating cheese and crackers and trying to avoid that one crazy friend who drove up in a mini van decorated with “antlers” and a “Rudolph” nose.

And then of course, you also have to deal with the fact that you know twelve different people throwing a party, but there’s only four weekends in December before Christmas.

It’s at this moment, when I praise God for Youth Ministry.

The very best Christmas parties I’ve ever been to were at youth groups.

Frozen Turkey Bowling Tournaments.

Pin Jesus in the Manger.

And my personal favorite: Old School Toy Night (complete with Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots, Skip It, and Toss Across).

So, yes, normally this blog is used to laugh at all the silly things we do in Youth Ministry. But today, Youth Ministers, you win. Your Christmas Parties are the best, and they give a little bit of joy to this man as I drive around my reindeer van from party to party wondering why no one will talk to me.

But, seriously, from all of us here at Life Teen, thank you for all that you do for teens and the Church. We wish you a Happy Holid . . . I mean Merry Christmas and a very blessed and Happy New Year.

Question: What’s the most fun thing you’ve doing at a Youth Ministry Christmas Party? (Share below.)

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