Whether You Like It or Not, You Are ALWAYS Forming Disciples

Ever ridden on the back of a large ship and gazed at the wake it left in the sea? In many ways our ministry with young people is leaving a wake with large and small ripple effects. If we judge our ministry by the fruit it bears, the highest mark or waves we make for our Lord is that of forming disciples. If youth ministry at your parish is moving at all it is leaving some type of a wake behind it.

boat wake_

Forming Disciples is not one of those “nice things” we do if we get around to it in ministry – it is the goal of our relational ministry with teenagers. This doesn’t mean that we are trying to form special or elite type of Catholic young people.†It especially doesn’t mean that we are forming them into a “clique” or group but empowering them from within the larger framework for the service of peer-to-peer ministry.

Disciples are as the Second Vatican Council used the term as interchangeable to saying a normal Catholic. For we are all called to be disciples. It’s not like the saying “for the few and the proud”, discipleship is for all. We need to be mentoring, teaching, forming and walking with young people and calling them to be normal Catholics – Disciples for our Lord. Not some elite small group of teens, but a humble disciple who can’t help but point others to Christ.

This is where the rubber meets the road in youth ministry. Are teens in your parish becoming disciples? The answer will let you know what type of wake your leaving behind in ministry.


By the way Life Teen has a whole new series called “Into the Deep” that is a part of the Life Support Materials and can be used as a stand alone setting for weekday meetings with teens who you are forming to be disciples in a more intentional way.



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