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Edge Support: August 2013 – Sacraments


Clothed In The Sun: Edge Retreat

The goal of this retreat is to introduce middle school youth to Mary. Very often, Catholic veneration and love of Mary is misunderstood. During this retreat the middle school youth will come to learn why Mary is so important to our faith. The youth will gain a basic understanding of the Blessed Mother by breaking open the Gospels. They will also come to a greater understanding of Mary as their own mother and the role that she plays in their lives. The retreat will also break open the messages of the three approved apparitions of Mary. The youth will understand that what Mary has said over the centuries still applies to their own lives today, and that her goal is always to lead us closer to her Son, Jesus.

The format of this retreat is written with the intention to be a day retreat for middle school youth. This retreat is broken into four different sessions; beginning with a simple introduction to Mary and then going through the three Vatican approved Marian apparitions of Guadalupe, Lourdes, and Fatima. During each session there will be a basic story of what happened during each apparition along with the messages that Mary conveyed to the world. There will also be a time for some hands-on fun for the youth to create their own Tilma, Grotto, and to act out the events of Fatima. The day will end with the youth bringing roses to Mary and praying for her guidance and protection. It is also recommended that as a group you wrap up the retreat by attending the Saturday night mass at your parish and inviting the parents and families to join.

Amplify Magazine

Amplify 04: Chastity and Sexuality

This issue of Amplify is all about helping our middle-school with their identity as children of God, especially their sexual identity. Make sure to take some time to read through all of the articles about chastity, sexuality, homosexuality, and safe environment topics to help you navigate these difficult and important topics.