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Life Support: May 2007 – Scripture

Liturgy Planning Guide

Liturgy Planning Guide: August 2007 – November 2007

Song suggestions, homily suggestions, and the Sunday readings for the 18th Sunday in Ordinary Time (August 5, 2007) through the Feast of Christ the King (November 25, 2007) in Year C of the Liturgical cycles.


Alpha Omega: Life Teen Retreat

This retreat will allow teens to discover how God’s time and our time are connected through the Liturgical Year. They will come to better understand and appreciate the wisdom of the Church and the totality of the Catholic journey as presented through the Liturgical Year. Through the liturgical cycle, this retreat will help teens encounter a timeless and eternal God who loves them in the present moment.

Spotlight Magazine

Spotlight 01: Discover the Sacred

This is the first issue of Spotlight, Life Teen’s youth ministry magazine. It features Life Teen’s 2007 annual theme: Discover the Sacred, and includes a Life Night that helps teenagers find the sacred in their every day lives. It also includes a Life Night about tithing, and an article with the top questions asked by new parishes.