Life Support: May 2009 – Social Justice

Life Night Title Semester Keywords
Filling the Gap:
Church’s Concern and Our Awareness
Life Teen - Social Justice
Office Olympics:
Fall Kick-Off Night
Life Teen - Social
Poor Me:
Preferential Option for the Poor
Life Teen - Social Justice
Social Nature of Humanity
Life Teen - Social Justice
Attitude Check:
God’s Plan for His People
Life Teen - Social Justice
Big Feet:
Charity and Justice
Life Teen - Social Justice
On Loan:
Stewards of Creation
Life Teen - Social Justice
Life Teen - Issue
Give It Away Now: The Can It Edition:
The Can It Edition
Life Teen - Issue
Vita Nox:
Social Teaching of the Church/The Great Commandment
Life Teen - Social Justice
Global Village:
Promoting a Culture of Life Globally
Life Teen - Social Justice
Domino Effect:
Solidarity and Social Sin
Life Teen - Social Justice
Protect This House:
Dignity, Rights, and Responsibilities
Life Teen - Social Justice

Liturgy Planning Guide

Liturgy Planning Guide: August 2009 – November 2009

Song suggestions, homily suggestions, and the Sunday readings for the 18th Sunday in Ordinary Time (August 2, 2009) through the Feast of Christ the King (November 22, 2009) in Year B of the Liturgical cycles.


Virtuous Reality: Life Teen Retreat

This one-day retreat is based on the four cardinal virtues of the Catholic Church. The retreat is geared specifically to young men in high school. This retreat is meant to instruct the men on how to live their lives as men of God with the help of the divine grace that comes through living the cardinal virtues. This retreat offers the young men an opportunity to learn about their faith and their bond as brothers in Christ. In addition, it will serve to strengthen their commitment to living the cardinal virtues and their commitment to the Christ, His Church and to one another.

Joyful Noise: Life Teen Retreat

Music is powerful. A single song can evoke emotion, memories and even change our mood. Scripture contains a book of songs (called Psalms) that have done just that for thousands of years. This retreat will look at the power of music as well as the honest prayer given to us in the Psalms. Each session will be built around a different genre of music and will focus on a different Psalm. Through each session, the teens will be challenged to enter into honest, intimate prayer with their Creator and Savior.

Using music and the Psalms as a basis, the goal of this retreat is to bring teens into intimate and honest relationship with God through the Sacraments, Scripture, prayer, worship, and community.

Spotlight Magazine

Spotlight 07: Give It Away Now – Can It!

This issue of spotlight features Life Teen’s second annual “Give It Away Now” Life Night: Can It! Teenagers are challenged to collect canned food items to distribute to local food pantries. This Spotlight also includes an emphasis on the issue of pornography, and offers ways that youth ministers can reach out to teenagers about this sin.

  • Spotlight Intro: Lisa Epperson
  • How To Support Our Priests: Tricia Tembreull
  • Special Delivery: Eric Porteous
  • Can It!: The Second Annual Global Life Night
  • Give It Away Now – Can It! Edition – A Service Life Night
  • Nightclubs, Virtue, and the Universal Call: Jimmy Mitchell and David Crowder
  • Use What You Got: Lisa Epperson
  • Bad Idea!: Top Ten Things Not to Do This Summer
  • Abundant Life: Chris Faddis
  • XXX: A Life Night About Pornography
  • Grace of Giving: Gina and Brent McDuffie
  • Parish Spotlight: Christ Prince of Peace Catholic Community, Hill AFB, Utah
  • Get the Word Out: Laura Womack and Kori Baker
  • Office Olympics: A Fall Kick-off Life Night
  • Core Value – Love: “Happy” Mayer
  • Words From B16: Pope Benedict XVI