Life Support: September 2007 – Person of Christ

Life Night Title Semester Keywords
A Loving God vs. the Reality of Suffering
Life Teen - Person of Christ
Wait For It:
Life Teen - Issue
A River Runs Through It:
Faith as Our Response to Christ
Life Teen - Person of Christ
Know Your Momma:
A Life Night on Mary
Life Teen - Person of Christ
Mirror Image:
What Christ Reveals About Us
Life Teen - Person of Christ
What If?:
Centrality of Christ and the Incarnation
Life Teen - Person of Christ
Prove It!:
Proving the Existence of God
Life Teen - Person of Christ
Lights Out Dodge Ball:
A Social Life Night
Life Teen - Social
Life Teen - Person of Christ
Response to Tragedy
Life Teen - Issue

Liturgy Planning Guide

Liturgy Planning Guide: December 2007 – March 2008

Song suggestions, homily suggestions, and the Sunday readings for the 1st Sunday of Advent (December 2, 2007) through the 8th Sunday in Ordinary Time (March 23, 2008) in Year A of the Liturgical cycles.

Spotlight Magazine

Spotlight 02: Advent

This issue of Spotlight emphasizes the season of Advent and service. It includes Life Nights for Advent, in response to a tragedy, and a fun spin on a dodge ball Social Life Night.

  • Spotlight Intro: Lisa Epperson
  • Faith In Motion: Lisa Epperson
  • Ministry Spotlight: Catholic Relief Services
  • 40 Service Ideas
  • Parish Spotlight: St. Paul’s, Kinsington, CT
  • Prepare the Way: Advent In Youth Ministry
  • Wait For It: A Life Night For Advent
  • Core Value – Primary Vocation: Chris Benzinger
  • Real World Relational Ministry: John Vasellina
  • When Tragedy Hits Home: John Vasellina
  • Hope: A Life Night In Response to Tragedy
  • Words From B16: Pope Benedict XVI
  • Lights Out Dodgeball: A Social Life Night