Actions = Words

An Edge Issue Night on Integrity

Edge Night Outline

Goal of this Night

The goal of this Edge Night is to show the youth the importance of having personal integrity as a part of their Christian lifestyle and mission.

About this night

Integrity can best be described as the way one lives his life, not based off of one’s personal code, but based on the life and example of Jesus Christ. We learn about our moral life from reading the Gospels (what is right and wrong). However, we are faced with choices each day that require us to act with integrity. The dictionary defines integrity as: “the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.” Our integrity comes from a Christ-centered life that gives us the freedom to choose what is right.

As the youth enter the room, they will get a sense that they have entered the cafeteria right after lunch. To help the youth focus on the topic for the night, there will be a “silent” skit to gather their attention. The Proclaim will help the youth understand what integrity is, followed by a witness from one of the teen Core Members. In small group, the youth will have time to personally reflect on their own integrity and develop their own silent skit. The night closes with a Lectio Divina.

Before The Night
Create a video of people answering the question: “What is the definition of the word integrity?” Ask people from around the church office, the priest(s), people in the community and some middle school youth to answer the question. If you have difficulty finding correct answers, you may need to give the definition to a few people so the youth can heard the meaning of the word. Record their responses and edit them together to show during the Edge Night.

Parental Notice

Tonight’s Edge Night was about integrity. We discussed with your child that integrity is about being honest and acting as Jesus acted. Integrity is about conforming our lives to Jesus so we can make good decisions. Our actions speak much louder than words, and our actions should also match our words. Acting with integrity takes time to develop, but is necessary in following Jesus.

  1. Here are some questions for the ride home:
  2. What was your skit scenario tonight in small group? How did you show integrity in the skit?
  3. Are there ways you struggle to act with integrity at home, school, or with friends? How can we help you?



Set the front of the stage like the school cafeteria. Have some tables that are messy with trash and leftover food that was not picked up. Have something resembling a cash register on one side and a display case with a few bags of chips easy to reach. If needed, make some signs that have the name or names of the local school(s) and the word “Cafeteria” so the youth understand the environment.

Supplies List

• Pens/pencils

• 2 poster boards: one reads “CLAP AND CHEER”; second reads “BOOOOOO!”

• Handout A: “Integrity”

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