Angel Mythbusters


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Goal of this Night

To purpose of the Edge Night is to help the youth separate fact from fiction with regard to angels and help the youth understand the relationship that angels have in their lives.

About this night

This Edge Night focuses on the line of the Creed that states that God created what is “seen and unseen.” Angels are pure spirits created by God and employed by God as ministers of His will. In the Old Testament, angels were often messengers for God. In the New Testament, the Gabriel the Archangel delivers the message to Mary about Jesus. We also hear about angels during Jesus’ Temptation and when He is on the cross – the angels are seen as ones who minister to Jesus. This Edge night focuses on the role of angels in the Church as well as catechizing the youth on the fall of the Angels.

The night opens with a competition involving angels, demons and humans. As the night progresses, the youth will realize that there is a lot of false information in our culture regarding angels. St. Michael the Archangel will appear and debunk some of the myths regarding angels. The night closes by asking the intercession of St. Michael the Archangel.


The youth should be bombarded with images of angels as they walk in the door. Have angel statues, Precious Moments “cute angels” and other angelic imagery all over the room. Make halos and wings for the Core Member to wear when welcoming the youth. On the screen or television have movie clips playing shows involving angels (Angels in the Outfield, It’s a Wonderful Life, TV Series: Touched by an Angel, etc).

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Handout A: “Angel Mythbusters”


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