Back to the Beach

An Edge Social Night

Edge Night Outline

Goal of this Night

The middle school youth will grow in community and get to know other youth in the group. Socials are typically a good way to gain interest from new youth, breakdown cliques and/or gain momentum to start a new semester or youth ministry year.

About this night

This Edge Night is a fun night for competition, dancing, and eating – three things most middle school youth love (well, maybe not the dancing part). Allow the youth to have a great time to mix, meet the Core Team, play some games, and spend time in prayer. All Core Members are strongly encouraged to enter into the games and be relational with the youth.

The Edge Night is divided into three sections – the first and the second part are interchangeable, but keep the third part as a way to gather the youth and share with them briefly. Part One involves food – feed the youth some hot dogs and/or hamburgers and have some creative ways for the youth to mix and mingle. During the second portion, it’s times for games, dancing, and fun. The third portion of the night will involve a brief sharing and a prayer experience for the youth.

Before The Night 

Take time to prepare and collect items for the environment. You will also likely need to gather volunteers to help with dinner and the roasting of marshmallows. Also, have the Core Team wear appropriate beach t-shirts and/or some fun island print button down shirts.

You may also want to send out invitations to the youth ahead of time and encourage them to wear something “beachy,” yet appropriate, to the beach party you are throwing. Let the youth know they don’t need a bathing suit, but cool beach shorts and comfortable t-shirts will be the way to go for your beach party.


Make your favorite beach setting! Use items like sand, buckets, play shovels, small inflatable pools, beach balls, and maybe even a few life vests to make the room ready for a beach party. If possible, have a bonfire or fire pit outside where the food can be cooked and later s’mores can be made.

Supplies List

  • Materials to create environment
  • Sand
  • Tiki torches
  • Music/sound system
  • Beach balls
  • Game supplies for the games you choose
  • Limbo stick
  • Grass skirts
  • Leis
  • Glo-sticks (necklaces/bracelets)
  • Hamburgers/hotdogs and fixings
  • Marshmallows, graham crackers, chocolate squares (S’mores)
  • Thin wood sticks or metal hangers (for marshmallow roasting)

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