Breaking The Cycle

Fighting Global and Local Injustice

Edge Night Outline

Goal of this Night

The goal of this Edge Night is not only to teach about getting involved, but also to get the middle school youth to commit to actively living social justice for the Church.

About this night

This Edge Night challenges the middle school youth to get involved globally and locally, working for social justice. The youth will come to an understanding that a few people, working for change, can significantly affect the people around them. Service is not about earning our way to Heaven. It is a response to God’s gift of faith and it challenges us to grow in love. All Christians, by nature of their Baptism, are called to serve and work for social justice. As Blessed John Paul II said, “We do not fully receive ourselves except through a sincere gift of self” (Gaudium et Spes).

The Edge night begins with an example of a few people breaking the mold and routine of everyday life. The Edge Core Team will do a freeze flash mob in the center of the room. The flash mob is intended to affect the people around them because it breaks from the normal routine. This provides a great talking point to explain how we are all called to break the cycle or routine of injustice. The middle school youth will then go to small groups and participate in a ministry fair within the small group. Finally, the Edge Night and semester ends with intercessions and prayers for social justice in front of the Blessed Sacrament in Eucharistic Adoration.

Before The Night
It is ideal that the middle school youth have the opportunity to get involved globally and/or locally, beginning with this Edge night. You may wish to introduce sign-ups for a mission trip, service week, or some other service opportunity. This way, the middle school youth will have the opportunity to get involved right away. Also, make sure you communicate with the parents ahead of time so that they can give their children permission to sign up for service opportunities. *Special Note: If you have participated in a Global Edge Night: Give It Away Now – share what your parish has done with the group and encourage the youth to come up with another night that helps them get involved.

Parental Notice

During tonight’s Edge session, we finished our semester on social justice by discussing how we can get involved globally and locally. As a fun introduction, we acted out a flash mob to show the youth that it starts with one person, but it grows as others join. Flash mobs also call attention to something and call people out of their normal, daily routines. The youth were challenged to realize that the only thing needed to break the cycle of injustice is one person working for change. Service to others is about learning to love and, therefore, brings us closer to Christ as well. Your child was also presented opportunities to see various ministries that serve and even to sign up to help.

Here are some questions for the ride home:

  1. What can a flash mob teach you about getting involved to help others?
  2. How do you think that we as a family can get involved in serving our local or global community?
  3. What area of injustice would you be most interested in helping to fix?


The environment should be set up like a giant ministry fair with information about various opportunities to get involved. Invite various ministries at the parish to give you materials or set up tables that promote social justice ministries for the youth to participate in. Examples of ministries to contact are Respect Life, Just Faith, Habitat for Humanity, etc. The middle of the room should be a large open space where the freeze flash mob can take place.

Supplies List


• Ministry Fair and information for youth to sign up for service projects

• Monstrance

• Altar, four candles, and altar cloth for Adoration

• Poster Board

• Markers

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