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A Social Night

Edge Night Outline

Goal of this Night

The middle school youth will grow in community and get to know other youth in the group by working together in strategic competition. Socials are typically a good way to gain interest from new youth, break down cliques and/or gain momentum to start a new semester or youth ministry year.

About this night

This night will allow the middle school youth to let loose through a traditional large group game: Capture the Flag. The basic rules of Capture the Flag are explained in this lesson, but you may choose to add twists or variations to the game. You may also want to consider having multiple rounds with varying rules (or the same rules). Usually having at least two games is ideal (or three to create a tiebreaker opportunity). For Capture the Flag, it is best to line up teams that seem evenly competitive in terms of athletic abilities, strategic abilities, and variety of ages.

The night begins with a traditional Gather and a video explaining the rules (they may also be read). There is an optional Proclaim about community and living out authentic Joy to begin the night. The middle school youth will have 45 minutes to an hour to play Capture the Flag, followed by snack and fellowship.

Parental Notice

Tonight was an Edge Social Night during which we played Capture the Flag. The game requires working together and creating strategies, so hopefully it helped break down some walls and bonded the group more closely. As Catholics, we are called to community — our faith is not an individual faith. Socials call to mind the Communion of Saints. They are a great opportunity for youth to meet new friends at Edge and to introduce new youth to Edge. You could have an interesting conversation with your youth about the rounds of the game, his/her strategy and if he/she met any new people. Ask them what the highlight of the night was.

Supplies List

• YouTube: Howcast on “How to Play Capture the Flag”

• Two old T-shirts

• Two large sticks

• Cones or string

• Air horn, bell, or loud object

• Projector and screen or copies of the rules and boundaries

• Optional: Two flashlights

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