Creative Righting

Creation and the Fall

Edge Night Outline

Goal of this Night

The goal of this Edge Night is for the middle school youth to understand how creation is an expression of God’s love. The youth will also discuss humanity’s fall and our need for redemption.

About this night

The creation story in Genesis is not a science book or a history book. In fact, the Bible is not a science or history book in general. The creation story — creation of man and his subsequent fall from grace — is less about how, or even the “what, where, or when,” so much as it is about why and who. The creation stories in Genesis 1 and 2 give us great insight into who God is. God is love. God did not create man because He was lonely or had some need to fill. Genesis 1 and 2 help us to understand God as creator and that He created out of love. When we look at the account of creation in the Bible, we discover a loving God who set man at the pinnacle of creation and said man is “very good.” Not only do we read about God and creation, but we also read abut man’s fall from grace – Adam and Eve’s temptation by the serpent to become like gods so as to know just as God knows and decide what is right for their lives.

After the introduction, the middle school youth will break into small groups as part of the Gather. During the Proclaim, a video clip will set up a talk about how creation tells us who God is, leading into a skit depicting the fall from grace. The Proclaim will re-emphasize God’s unending love in His creation, connecting it to how He still longs for us despite the fall of man. This will lead into a small group discussion on creation, the fall and God’s grace. The Send for the night is longer than that of most Edge Nights; the youth will reflect on God’s enduring love for humanity and our response to this love.

Parental Notice

God is love. This is the message of all of Scripture, and it’s apparent right from the beginning in Genesis. Tonight, the middle school youth learned how the Creation story expresses God’s unending love for humanity and how it teaches us who God is — His nature is to love us. As Catholic Christians, we do not look at the Bible as a science or history book but rather, as the Catechism of the Catholic Church teaches, “Scripture presents the work of the Creator symbolically as a succession of six days of divine ‘work,’ concluded by the ‘rest’ of the seventh day. On the subject of creation, the sacred text teaches the truths revealed by God for our salvation, permitting us to ‘recognize the inner nature, the value and the ordering of the whole of creation to the praise of God” (337). Creation teaches us that God created man out of love and to love. However, God does not force His love upon us and does not force us to love Him in return — it is our choice to accept it and reciprocate it. Although humanity fell from grace, we are redeemed through Jesus; God has never and will never stop loving us. Following are some questions for discussion:

  • What does the creation story teach us about who God is?
  • Do you think we express love enough in our family? How could we express it better?
  • Who is one person you know who you consider a model of God’s love?


This environment is a pun. Think fall, as in the season (a.k.a. autumn). Grab rakes, leaves (a few fake ones will work, but if it’s the right season, have at it), a bale of hay, corn stalks, pumpkins, and other “harvest” things. Use fall colors, such as brown and orange, to make signs around the room with quotes from Genesis 1 and 2. Make it smell like fall by brewing spicy scents in a potpourri pot and/or bake a fresh pumpkin pie in the kitchen before the night. Be sure to mention the pun in the environment at some point during the night.

Supplies List

• Bibles for small groups

• Jars of Play-Doh for each small group

• Bed sheet or blanket

• Table

• Sign that reads “Time Machine”

• Copies of “Creation Time Machine” skit for actors

• Copies of Litany of the Love of God for each youth

• Building blocks (not Lego’s,but any other type of wooden building block that can be stacked)

• Markers (to write on the building block)

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