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Goal of this Night

The goal of this Edge Night is to show that prayer is not a one-time decision, just for special occasions, or only when we are in trouble. Prayer is a way of life that takes time and dedication, and it is not always easy or glamorous.

About this night

Having prayer be a real part of our life is a daily decision we make, much like being a good student or being a good athlete. It takes a lot of work that is not always glamorous. We are called by St. Paul in his letter to the Thessalonians to “pray without ceasing,” but what does this really mean in our lives? First, we actually need to pray daily. Second, we need to let that prayer flow through the rest of our day – how we go about our play and work and how we interact with others, especially our families and friends.

The night will begin with Catholic calisthenics. It is easy for junior high students to relate to sports being a part of their daily lives, so this will be where we begin the illustration. The Proclaim continues the “training” theme and includes a “panel of experts” including a musician, a scientist, and an athlete who talk about how their specific field requires a daily commitment. The second part of the Proclaim will build upon this. In the small groups, the idea of prayer as communication will be focused upon, before we close with a prayer and a blessing by the Core Team for the middle school youth to be people of prayer.

Parental Notice

During tonight’s Edge meeting, we discussed prayer and how we are to pray without ceasing. We had some fun seeing how people train for various sports and activities and the time, effort, and commitment it takes to succeed. When we hear the call to pray without ceasing, this does not mean we are to lock ourselves in our rooms and only pray – it means that our very lives should be a prayer. This can only happen if we make a commitment to come before our Lord every single day in prayer. Encourage your youth to find ways to pray each day so that his/her life becomes a prayer.

A few things to talk about with your child/family may be:

  1. Do you remember the Scripture verse that you talked about tonight? (It was “pray without ceasing” from 2 Thessalonians.)
  2. What does that scripture mean? How can someone really “pray without ceasing”?
  3. What are you planning on doing to make life more prayerful? What can I do to help you?


The environment for this Edge Night should emphasize a training facility to give a visual reminder that it takes a daily commitment to develop a life-long commitment to prayer. Set up the room as an area for some sport that the middle school youth at your parish would relate to. If it is football season, try to have football equipment with whistles, a few weights, and a chalkboard with plays drawn on it. If it is basketball season, do similar things, but with basketball equipment.

Supplies List

• Paper

• Pens/pencils

• Goofy costumes for skit

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