Destination Heaven

Christ Established the Church

Edge Night Outline

Goal of this Night

The goal of this night is to bring middle school youth to a greater understanding that Christ gave us the Church as a gift and a way to grow closer to him in holiness and to ultimately get to heaven.

About this night

Jesus established the Church as our way to heaven, our connection to Him and one another. By being in the Church, we are in communion with one another and grow in our love of Jesus Christ and receive the tools to grow in holiness, most specifically by giving us the sacraments. Jesus established the Catholic Church and assured us the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. For this reason, we know the Holy Spirit leads the Church and the Church is holy.

This Edge Night begins the semester on the Church. The goal of the night is to show the middle school youth that Jesus established the Church and to help them understand the importance of the Church. The Edge Night begins by having the teens break into their small groups and take turns going through an obstacle course. Playing on a theme of following the right way and not getting lost, the game will transition into the teaching on the Church being established to help us find our way to heaven. The Break will give the teens a chance to discuss the teaching in small groups, and the night will end in a time of Eucharistic Adoration as a church community asking for deeper appreciation for the gift of the Church.

Parental Notice

Jesus gave us an amazing gift by establishing the Church. During this semester we are going to help the youth understand the Church and its importance. In introducing the Church to them at Edge last night, we showed them how and why Jesus established the Church. Throughout the semester, we will present to them the various aspects of the Church and show the presence of the Holy Spirit in leading and guiding our Church. Some questions for this week:

  • How is the Church a gift to us?
  • What would our faith be like if we didn’t have a Church?


Play up the theme of direction, paths, and roads. Put up various maps around the room. Create and print off lists of directions to different places. Create some road signs (stop signs, “one way” signs, “yield” etc) out of paper or cardboard. Put up some trail marking tape or even set out some hiking equipment or have the Core Members dress like they are going to be going on a hike.

Supplies List

• Items for obstacle courses: Tables, Chairs, Boxes, Brooms, Etc.

• “What Does the Church Mean?” Handout

• Maps

• Road Signs

• Trail Markers

• Markers (to write on the building block)

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