An Edge Social Night

Edge Night Outline

Goal of this Night

The goal for this Edge Night is to create a fun and welcoming environment to foster relational ministry and community in your ministry. The youth will also develop a plan to serve the parish.

About this night

It does not get any better than donuts and being Catholic. For many parishes, donuts are synonymous with fellowship after Mass. Parishes that serve donuts after Mass, use the time to welcome new members to the Church or a way to build community.

As the youth enter the room, make sure that the Core Team is welcoming them in to the Edge donut factory. The night will begin with a general welcoming and recognition of birthday and then an explanation that the youth are at a donut factory. Once the flow of the evening is explained, the youth will be dismissed to play “donut” games around the room. Secondly, they will get to decorate a donut or two and have yummy donuts as a snack. If this is your kick-off, this might be a good time to allow the youth to give a preference for a friend to be in a small group together. Third, the youth will come up with a campaign that involves donuts and your parish. Conclude the night with a short talk and a prayer.

If you have the resources, you could allow the youth to roll their own donuts and then have adults fry the donuts during the night. Recipes can be found online by doing a Google search: “how to make donuts.”

You will also need to gather enough donuts for the night – at least one per youth and Core Member.

Parental Notice

Tonight was an Edge Social Night about donuts. For many Catholic Churches, donuts are almost as popular as a good game of BINGO. The night was really an opportunity for us to build community and give your youth a chance to fellowship with his/her friends and to meet new friends. We also discussed the possibility of our Edge ministry hosting a Donut Sunday after all of the Masses one weekend. Please know you and your family are invited to join us in preparing for the Donut Sunday and in the fellowship of the event.


Create a donut shop for the evening. As the youth walk in, they should see signs with your donut shop name on it, menu(s) posted on the wall and perhaps a glass case displaying donuts and/or other delicious items. Have the Core Team in uniforms for the donut store. If you can get some fun hats or aprons donated from a local bakery; that would be fun as well.

Supplies List

• Life Savers candy

• Toothpicks

• Glass jar

• Donut holes

• Large picture of youth

minister’s face

• Tape

• Blindfold

• Paper cut-outs of donuts

• Inner tubes

• Orange cone(s)

• Donut decorating supplies

• Prizes

• Donuts

• Stuff to decorate donuts (sprinkles, colored gel, etc)

• Posterboard

• Markers

• Hula-hoops

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