Edge Night at the Movies

A Social Night

Edge Night Outline

Goal of this Night

The goal of this Edge Night is to develop community and fellowship among the youth while also challenging them by catechizing using a popular movie.

About this night

The environment is what will make this Edge Night fun and engaging. The goal is to create a movie theater environment so that the youth feel like they are watching a movie in a real movie theater.

The night will begin by watching a movie selected by the youth minister. The movie should be something that the youth will enjoy, but also is “clean” and has a positive Christian message. Following the movie, there should be discussion questions that are discussed in small groups and a closing prayer.

Most movies will be longer in length than a normal youth group. Make sure to inform parents that the Edge Night will go longer than usual and to adjust their schedules accordingly.

Parental Notice

Tonight was an Edge social night during which we watched a movie. After watching the movie, and discussed what it could teach us about our faith.


A good environment is key to making this night fun. There are a number of options for the movie setting and refreshments that can be considered. You should pick the option that best fits the dynamic of your youth group:

The Large Group/ Large Budget Parish:

Consider renting out an entire movie theater. It is actually easy to do and quite economical. Most movie theaters will allow you to reserve an entire theater provided you buy out every seat. While there is an extra charge for movies currently playing at the theater, if you select a movie that is no longer in wide release and you bring your own DVD, the theater seating is usually significantly discounted. Theaters will also sometimes put together special refreshment packages and VIP lines for groups that rent out the theater.

If your youth group is not large enough to fill every seat in the theater, consider teaming up with a youth group from another local parish or inviting families to join for the evening.

Small Group/Small Budget:

If renting out a movie theater is not feasible for you, try turning your gathering space into a movie theater. Hang a big white sheet on a wall and use a projector to project the movie. Make sure you have a good sound system for the movie. For refreshments, you can rent a popcorn machine or just have microwave popcorn and a microwave available.

Consider having the Core Team hand out “movie tickets” at youth Mass before the Edge Night. This is a nice way to promote your Edge Night, plus you can have fun having the Core Team collect the movie tickets as the youth walk through the door.

Supplies List

• Movie Theater


• Projector

• Big Screen or white sheet

• Sound/Speakers

• Popcorn

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