Edge Olympics

A Social Night

Edge Night Outline

Goal of this Night

This is a social night to get the youth excited about the Summer Olympics.  The night is an opportunity for the youth to bond with those on their team and enjoy some fun competition.

About this night

This Edge Night is a fun night for team competition and to connect the youth with what is happening – the Summer Olympics. The Olympics are a great time for countries to show their pride, but it is also a time for people from many countries to come together for healthy competition. As a part of your Edge ministry, we recommend that you add social nights to help the Core Team and the youth to get to know each other and have some fun. All Core Members are strongly encouraged to enter into the games and be relational with the youth.

The Edge Night starts off with the small groups finding out which country they will represent and creating a team flag.  The night continues with team chants and an introduction to the competitions of the night.  Games will be played in rotation form with Core Members keeping track of their group’s score.  The night ends with a celebration and medal ceremony. There are many different events in the Summer Olympics. Choose ones that will work well for your group. In addition to the game ideas suggested here, you could play rounds of team sports – basketball, field hockey, softball, volleyball – or come up with more variations for the track & field games, etc.

Choose which countries will participate in your Edge Olympics – choose the same number of countries as the number of teams you expect to have. Have a printout (or a Power Point slide) of a world map to indicate each of the countries that will be represented. Also have an image of what each country’s flag looks like. When you advertise this night, tell youth to dress in athletic gear, including shoes they can run in. As a fun addition, create a short video of the Core Team running the “Olympic Torch” around to a variety of different locations.

Parental Notice

Tonight we had a fun social night celebrating the upcoming Summer Olympics. Our young people represented a country and participated in a series of competitions. The night was really an opportunity for us to build community and give your youth a chance to fellowship with his/her friends and to meet new friends.


The environment for this night should celebrate and display all things Olympic. Display country flags, the Olympic rings, pictures of Olympic athletes or sports, sports equipment, and medals. You can also have a big sign that says “London 2012” or “Welcome to the Olympic Village.” Perhaps have some of the Core Team bring trophies from home that can be put on display.

Supplies List

• Materials to create environment

• Poster Board (or fabric) and markers for country flags

• Score Sheet & Pen for each group

• Game supplies for the games you choose

• Medals for winners (these can be purchased or made out of jar lids, cardstock, etc.)

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