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An Issue Night on Technology

Edge Night Outline

Goal of this Night

The goal of this Edge Night is for the young people to explore the role of technology in their lives, recognize the impact it has on us – especially in the way we communicate  – and identify ways that we can use technology (and especially social media) in moderation.

About this night

The Catechism of The Catholic Church says, “The means of social communication (especially the mass media) can give rise to a certain passivity among users, making them less than vigilant consumers of what is said or shown. Users should practice moderation and discipline in their approach to the mass media.” (2496).  The night is an opportunity to reflect on the ways we use technology and the media and how it affects our relationships – including our relationship with God.  The night seeks to enable the young people to come to conclusions about which aspects of their technology use are for good and which are not.

The night starts with each small group creating a Catholic app. The night continues with a short video about the ways we are connected online and via social media.  The teaching breaks open the topic further so that in small groups the young people can talk and reflect on the pros and cons their technology and media use.  The small groups will create a “technology challenge” to encourage moderation of their media use, and will also brainstorm ways they can use technology to share their faith with others.  The night ends with some “Face Time” with God – closing out with Eucharistic Adoration.

• Have Core Members look up Catholic apps to get some ideas for the Gather activity. “Apps” is a term used to indicate an application one can download to a computer, smart phone, or pad device.

• Have Core watch the following videos to get some good background on this topic: – Killed by Tech via @equalman on Youtube user name socialnomics09 – Social Media Revolution 2011 on Youtube user name socialnomics09

Parental Notice

Tonight we talked about technology and the media and how it affects our relationships, including our relationship with God.  We discussed many of the forms of entertainment and communication that are available to us through modern technology and the value in using these wisely and with moderation.  We talked about the necessity of spending time with people face to face and not letting our tech devices be a replacement for true friendships, connections, and family.

Questions for the ride home:

  • What did you learn from the session?
  • What are your favorite websites/forms of technology?
  • What boundaries can we set as a family to make sure we are not overusing technology or allowing it to distract us from things that are more important?


The environment for this night is technology and media.  Post pictures of cell phones, computers, TVs, text messages, etc.  Include slogans from different cell phone and computer companies and logos from different websites including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

Supplies List

• Markers, pens/pencils

• Poster board (2 per group)

• Index Card

• Monstrance

• Candles

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