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God the Father

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Goal of this Night

The goal of this Edge Night is to focus on God the Father and His role in our lives. The youth will examine characteristics of a father and help the youth to see God as the perfect Father and how that is relevant to their lives.

About this night

The Creed begins with “I believe in God, the Father, the Almighty, Creator of heaven and earth.” Jesus Christ revealed God’s desire for a relationship with His people when He taught us to refer to God as “Father.” God is our Father because He is the Father of Creation. He is the first Person of the Holy Trinity. He is the Father of the Son of God, who we are united to in humanity. But most of all, God is our Father because that is the type of relationship He desires – the relationship of a Father to His children.

Tonight’s Edge Night begins on safari. We are on the lookout for a perfect father. The safari culminates in the discovery that only God can be a perfect Father. Tonight, we will discuss the revelation of God as Father through the Holy Trinity, Jesus Christ and in creation. Finally we will take a look at how God loves as a father and apply that to our own familial relationships. We will use the “Our Father,” the prayer that Jesus gave us, to understand God’s love for us.


The theme of the night should be “safari.” We are looking for the model father. Make the room feel like a jungle by having plants, shrubs and stuffed animals in throughout the room in what looks like their natural habitat. Have the Core team dress in their best safari outfits. Play jungle sounds of birds and animals on the sound system.

Supplies List

DVD player or projector and screen



Handout A: “A Letter from God…A letter from me” (pages 18-19)


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