Edge Night Outline

Goal of this Night

The goal of this Edge Night is to allow the youth to encounter Mary as a model of faith by looking at her fiat at the Annunciation. The youth will be challenged to follow Mary’s example and to learn how to say “Yes” to God in their daily lives.

About this night

“I believe in Jesus Christ… who was born of the Virgin Mary.” This Edge Night introduces the middle school youth to the Blessed Virgin Mary. Mary is the mother and model of the Church. It is through Mary’s fiat that we learn about obedience. Her “yes” shows her complete acceptance of God’s will and allows her to be open to anything God asks of her. There is little written about Mary in the New Testament, however Saints, Doctors of the Church and popes have written countless volumes about Mary and her “yes.” Mary becomes the model for all mothers. On the cross, Jesus gave Mary to be our mother. The middle school youth can learn about obedience and how to say “yes” to God through Mary’s example.

This Edge Night will help to facilitate a closer relationship to Jesus through a relationship with Mary. The Edge Night begins with a fun icebreaker about not saying “No” to remind us of the importance of our “Yes.” The youth will also get a chance find others who know about their mother, Mary. The night will continue with a short video about what we can learn from our mothers. The youth will hear a teaching and witness about Mary’s fiat and the four Marian dogmas. In small group, the youth will discuss how they can learn to say “yes” to God. The youth will be challenged to follow Mary’s example more closely and look to her as a model for their faith. For the Closing Prayer, the youth will pray a decade of the rosary.

Before The Night 

Prior to the Edge Night, video tape yourself interviewing quite a few different people, asking them, “What have you learned from your mother?” Try and get a variety of answers – some funny and some enlightening – by talking to youth in middle school, high school, random adults in the mall, Core Members, clergy, etc. Record the video, edit it and show it at the Edge night.


Fill your gathering space with as many Marian images as possible. Look for little statues, pictures and posters. If your Core Members can find t-shirts with the Blessed Virgin Mary, have them wear them. Use a variety of Marian images (Our Lady of Guadalupe, Our Lady of Fatima, Our Lady of Lourdes, etc.). There is a Marian image logo loop on the Edge Video Support 2.

As the youth enter after small group, each youth will receive a rose, carnation or other flower. During the Closing Prayer, the youth will have a chance to place a flower in front of one of the Marian images/statues.

Supplies List

Television and DVD player or projector/screen


Handout A: “Some Things About Mary” (page 52)


Rosaries or finger rosaries for every youth in the group



Handout B: “How to pray the Rosary”

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