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“Thirst for Change” Edition

Edge Night Outline

Goal of this Night

This is our third annual Global Edge Night and Service Project. This year we are focusing on the corporal work of mercy of “giving drink to the thirsty.” This Edge Night will give the youth an awareness of the lack of clean water to millions of people in the world. Through a “change drive,” the global Life Teen and Edge community will raise money to build and maintain four water wells in Africa. Finally, this Edge Night will reveal Christ as “living water” for all our needs.

About this night

In September of 2008, Life Teen hosted the first global Life Night and Edge Night and as one family, we donated over 300,000 pounds of clothing to charity. In September 2009, we moved from clothing to food and we were able to donate over 200,000 food items to local food pantries and soup kitchens. This year we are at it again. This time we are joining together to “give drink to the thirsty” (another corporal work of mercy). We are asking all our Life Teen and Edge parishes to do the same Edge Night on the same night – September 27, 2010 (or as close to that date as possible). This time we are collecting change (and bills) to bring clean drinking water to villages in Africa.

This Edge Night starts with a funny skit about water. The Proclaim will highlight the current water crisis in many parts of the world and ways that the youth can be a part of the solution. The talk will also tie in our call as Christians to work for justice and live in solidarity with all people. During the Break, the youth discuss in small groups the importance of water, both physically and spiritually. Finally, the Send is a reflection on the water of Baptism and Christ as the Living Water.

Change Drive

This year, we are asking parishes to host a “change drive.” The money collected will be donated to W.A.T.E.R., an organization that works closely with Catholic Relief Services to build and maintain water wells in Africa. As in years past, this type of service project will take a lot of advance planning and advertisement.

At least one month before the Edge Night, let the youth and the entire parish know about the change drive. Use Facebook, flyers, posters, bulletin announcements, emails and phone calls to get the word out. Encourage the youth and their families to collect and save all their extra change. Challenge the youth to make a bigger donation by setting aside some of their allowance or money received as a gift or from working small jobs to donate to this cause. At each Edge Night leading up to this night, remind the youth about the change drive. If possible, make an announcement (and/or pass out flyers) at each of the Sunday Masses the week before the change drive. Encourage the entire parish to get involved. Set a parish goal of a certain amount and see if the parish can surpass the goal!

The weekend before the Edge Night, have large water jugs (or another large container) available outside of all the Masses for parishioners to drop off their change (and bills). If possible, have youth present to hold the jugs and invite the parishioners to participate. Have large water jugs for donations at the youth office and Edge Night location as well.

After the Edge Night

After the Edge Night, email your parish’s monetary donation total along with one group picture that includes a sign with your parish’s name, city, state, country (if outside the US) to We will post the totals, along with pictures from all the parishes on in the weeks following the Global Edge and Life Nights. Please send us your results no later than October 18th.


Have lots of water bottles at the front of the room with various amounts of water in each one. Have the bottles casually placed or stacked, not appearing to be trash but making a statement. Ask the Core Team to save and collect the water bottles they use a month prior to this Edge Night. During the night, the water bottles can be used to point out how much water we have available and how we take that for granted.

Supplies List

Promotional Poster (in July 2010 Edge Support box)

Props for skit



Paper “water” droplets (1-2 for every youth) about the size of an large index card.

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