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Edge Night Outline

Goal of this Night

The goal of this Edge Night is to make the middle school youth aware of their responsibility for “full, active conscious participation” in Mass.

About this night

For many middle school youth, going to Mass is often a struggle. They live in a culture where they are constantly entertained and have very little quiet time. Mass, however, calls us to a sacred time and a time to be connected to God in full communion. We are also called to enter into Mass with “full, conscious and active participation.” After Vatican II, a document called Sacrosanctum Concilium discusses this sense of active participation: “Mother Church earnestly desires that all the faithful should be led to that fully conscious and active participation in liturgical celebrations which is demanded by the very nature of the liturgy” (14).

The activities for the Gather are to help the youth be exposed to many different terms from the Holy Mass as well as signs and symbols that they may see, hear or smell at Mass and at your parish. The Proclaim will help the youth to process the information from the Gather and prepare them for a small group discussion. The Edge Night concludes with Mass. Be sure to leave 30-45 minutes for Mass.

You will need to do quite a bit of preparation on two different activities for this Edge Night. First, you will need to prepare pictures of signs and symbols from your parish for the opening activities. Second, you will need to prepare to have Mass as your Closing Prayer.

Parental Notice

Tonight was all about the Mass. In another Edge Night this semester, the youth discussed the five precepts of the Catholic Church. One of those precepts is that we should attend Mass each week and on Holy Days of Obligation. Tonight, we helped the youth to experience the flow of the Mass as well as some of the symbols seen each week during Mass. Knowing what they see, hear and smell will help them grow to not simply attend Mass, but to be present during Mass. When we are at Mass, we are called to “full, active and conscious participation.” One way to do that is to prepare as a family and read the Scripture Readings for the upcoming week. You can find the readings at www. usccb.org/nab and reflections on the Readings on the “Sunday, Sunday, Sunday” podcast on www.lifeteen.com.


The room should be set up with signs and symbols from Mass. However, with each item, place a cardboard sign with the name of the item on it in large enough letters for the youth to read when they enter the room. Using a table and podium, you can design an altar and ambo. Using a cross or crosses, you can have a sample of the Stations of the Cross. If you cannot get items, use larger signs with the names of various signs and symbols from the church on the wall.

Supplies List

• Cardboard signs

• Cards for Memory game

• Pictures of symbols/items from church

• Handout A “Mass Parts”

• Envelopes

• Bibles

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