Help My Unbelief

Objections to the Sacraments

Edge Night Outline

Goal of this Night

The goal of this Edge Night is to help the youth understand some common questions about the Sacraments and the role obedience plays in living a sacramental life.

About this night

This Edge Night helps answer some common questions many youth have about their faith in relation to the Sacraments. This Edge Night should also help the youth understand that doubt or questions of the Church’s teachings are opportunities for growth in faith and obedience to God. This Edge Night can also be used to recap some of the main teaching points of each Edge Night in the semester.

The Edge Night begins with a small group game that allows the youth to agree or object to a statement. Groups must also explain why they choose to agree or object. After a light-hearted skit, the Proclaim for the night will discuss the topic of doubt and common objections to the Sacraments. The youth will then break into small groups for a time of discussion and an opportunity for prayerful reflection asking God to help their unbelief. The night will close with a time of prayer asking God to help increase the virtue of obedience in the lives of the youth.

Before The Night

Before the Edge Night be sure to practice the skit a number of times. The skit will be better received if the people in the skit are not reading his or her lines. If necessary, have a teen help with the skit by playing the part of the young girl. Create two signs for the Gather activity, one that says “Agree” and one that says “Object.”

Parental Notice

This week at Edge we talked about some common objections to the Sacraments like “Why do I have to go to Confession?”, “How do I know the Sacraments work if I can’t feel them?”, and “Why can’t my non-Catholic friends receive the Eucharist?”. We also addressed the topic of doubting our faith and how we must seek out the answers to our questions. Here are some questions to help start a conversation with your youth about what he or she learned at Edge:

  • What is an area of faith that you struggle with or doubt?
  • How can you seek out answers to your questions about this area?
  • Do you see an area in your life where God’s grace has been working?
  • Why are the Sacraments so important to our lives?


The environment for this Edge Night will be the environment for the skit. Set the scene of a middle school girl’s bedroom. Create a fake bed out of tables or boxes. Have a large mirror and posters hanging. The room should be extremely messy with clothes everywhere.

Supplies List

• Mirror (for skit)

• Object-O Man costume (for skit)

• Bedroom supplies (for skit)

• Girls’ clothes (for skit)

• Teenage girls posters (for skit)

• Object sign

• Agree sign

• Poster board

• Markers

• Prayer for Obedience

End of Free Preview

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