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A Single Person's Vocation

Edge Night Outline

Goal of this Night

The goal of this Edge Night is make the middle school youth aware of the role of the single person in the life of the Church – especially in regard to his/her vocation.

About this night

What is one’s vocation in life? In this sense, we are not referring to one’s job or occupation. Rather, vocation, for us as Catholics, refers to the journey we are on in pursuit of holiness. Each of us is called to holiness – this is not reserved just for those who are married or serve as a priest or nun. This journey to holiness is the “universal vocation.” Our secondary vocation is the one people refer to the most – meaning that job we tell people that we “do for a living.” However, the one that many of us spend a lot of time thinking about is “when I grow up, am I going to be married or will God call me to be a priest or religious?” This is our primary vocation – when we lay down our lives for the good of another (husband for his wife, wife for her husband, priest for the congregation). While there is still debate as to whether or not being single is a “vocation,” the Church, in her wisdom, encourages those who are single not to simply sit around and wait, but rather to actively participate in the life of the Church, to grow in virtue, and to pray/discern if God is calling him or her to marriage or religious life. The “single years” are an important part of one’s formation – he or she learns to love God and to serve others – so that whether called to marriage or religious life, he or she is ready to make a life-long commitment of dying to self. Much like an Olympic athlete who trains rigorously for years for the opportunity to compete in the games, we too must train ourselves during our single years in prayer, discernment, and service so we are ready to respond “Here I am Lord, I come to do your will.”

The night will begin with a fun look at how we can sometimes waste time on doing nothing when we feel like we are “waiting” for the next big thing in our lives. This is a great opportunity to add small service projects into the Edge Night. There is a video teaching that goes along with this Edge Night (found on Edge DVD Support 10) – if you are not able to use it, there are some talking points available in the Proclaim section. Use the small group time to help the youth understand the importance of their decisions today. Finally, the youth will be challenged to examine those ways in which they are distracted from hearing God’s voice and to respond to God’s call that He is placing on their hearts.

For the Gather portion of the night, you may want to consider the “wait tables” to be small service projects that the youth can accomplish in a short amount of time. For instance, writing a card/letter to a soldier or putting together a care package for those either in the hospital or a facility for the elderly. Think about groups that may not receive a lot of attention throughout the year to help the youth to understand how big of a need there is for them to serve (orphanage; retired priests/ nuns/religious; children/youth who are sick; etc.).

Be sure to also give the parents a one week notice if you want the youth to bring supplies for the service projects: travel sized shampoo bottles, deodorant, toothpaste, etc.

Parental Notice

This week’s Edge Night focused on the vocation of the single person. The universal vocation we all have is that we are called to live out our vocation on a daily basis in the holiest way possible—including middle school youth. If they are a student, then they should be a holy student, if one day they are married they should seek a holy marriage, if they are called to religious life they should live a holy life as a religious. Today we talked more about how we can live our lives in this time of waiting and focus our lives on serving God and others. Some questions to discuss with your youth on the ride home are:

  • What stood out to you the most from this past semester? Why?
  • What are some practical things we can do to help you discern your vocation as we move into the future?


Tonight is about “Waiting”! You will want to create several stations around  the room where the youth can put together or work on their service projects, but the rest of the room should scream, “WAIT!” Have signs around the room saying things such as, “The wait time from this points is 60 minutes” or “Hurry up to wait!” You may even want to make the front of the room look like a gate at an airport, train station, or even a hospital waiting room – all places where people wait.

Supplies List

• “WAIT” Signs

• Supplies for “Wait Tables”/ service project

• “Made for Greatness” Extra Files Download

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