I Got the Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy

An Issue Night on Radiant Joy

Edge Night Outline

Goal of this Night

The goal of this Edge Night is to introduce the youth to Life Teen’s 2012 theme, Radiant Joy, and to help the youth understand that true joy comes from having a relationship with God.

About this night

The 2012 theme for Life Teen is Radiant Joy. We are taking a year to explore what it means to be joyful and to have that joy radiate from us to others. Joy is more than a feeling or a fleeting experience. Joy is something that comes as a result of our relationship with God. In Galatians, St. Paul tells us that joy is a fruit of the Spirit. As we plant and cultivate our faith, we experience these fruits in our lives – especially joy. It is important to note that joy is not simply a state of being happy all the time. Joy is the result of us giving our lives to God.

The Edge Night will begin with a discussion of things that make us happy. The Proclaim will help transition the night from focusing on being happy to being radiant with joy. During small groups, the youth will discuss how they can have a deeper relationship with God so as to experience true joy and be encouraged to share that joy with others. The night will conclude with a time of adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.

It would be a fun opportunity to videotape your Edge Core Members expressing joy at various situations in their daily lives. You could videotape them coming home to their families, walking into the church, showing up for an Edge Night, etc. Edit the film together and either show it as the youth are coming in the room or right before the Proclaim.

Parental Notice

“The joy of the Lord is my strength” (Psalm 43:4). Tonight’s Edge Night was based on Life Teen’s 2012 theme, Radiant Joy. We began our discussion by thinking about those things that make us happy. Through our discussion, however, we realized that happiness is a fleeting emotion, but joy comes from the relationship we have with God. Joy does not go away because we feel bad about something or something bad has happened. Joy is eternal because the source of our joy is Jesus. Your child has been encouraged to deepen his/her faith in Christ so as to experience the fruit of the Spirit: joy. Here are some questions for your ride home:

  • What is the difference between being happy and having joy?
  • Have you experienced joy?
  • How can we as a family grow together in our faith so we can experience joy?


Think of light! Decorate the room with various forms of light. You could use flashlights, candles, lamps, lanterns, etc. so that the room is “radiating” with light – a reflection of the theme Radiant Joy!

Supplies List

• Poster board

• Markers

• Pens/pencils

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