Idol Chef

An Edge Social Night

Edge Night Outline

Goal of this Night

The goal of this Edge Night is to create a fun and welcoming environment to foster relational ministry and community in your ministry. The youth will also share their talents in the culinary, dance and vocal areas as they cook, dance and sing throughout the night.

About this night

Cooking shows like Top Chef, Cake Boss, and Iron Chef and talent competitions like American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance and America’s Got Talent have become an automatic recording for Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) everywhere. The only problem with watching a show like that is that you are not “live” in the studio and you cannot taste the creations that make your mouth water. Well, now you can!

This Edge Night will combine two of the most popular reality shows: American Idol and Top Chef creating what we call Idol Chef. The youth will enter the Edge Night and find their small group table complete with a pizza crust ready to be topped, aprons and/or chef hats. A Ryan Seacrest (American Idol) and/or Padma Lakshmi (Top Chef) host will come out and greet the young chefs to the night. Guest judges will be introduced to the youth who resemble a combination of American Idol (Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler) and/or Top Chef (Gail Simmons and Tom Colicchio or a popular chef on reality TV) judges. The host will explain the flow of the night, which will involve topping their pizza creation and presenting their pizza (once cooked) with their group song performance. As the pizzas are cooked, the youth will have 10-15 minutes to practice their group song. Once the pizzas are cooked, each group will present a slice of their pizza and their group song to the judges. The judges will score them on their pizza and performance, giving them an overall score. The winning team will get a prize determined by the youth minister and close the night with prayer.


The environment for the night will be a large kitchen with individual group tables for small groups to prepare pizzas on. One or two toppings stations where groups can collect their toppings for their pizza will be necessary. Be creative with this night and provide paper chef hats, hairnets from the dollar store, chef jackets, aprons, etc. You can name each station a different reality cooking show such as Top Chef, Cake Boss, Iron Chef, Hell’s Kitchen, etc. Cover the tables in colorful tablecloths to make the room pop and project a reality cooking show on the projector or TV in the room. Create a “judges table” and a stage with microphones for the American Idol performances as well. Be creative with this by having Coca Cola cups and costumes for the judges. Maybe even have a makeup artists there to touch up the “Jennifer Lopez” judge’s lipstick after each pizza piece she eats. Have fun and be sure to have additional parent help in the kitchen to make it a smooth process.

Supplies List

• Pizza Crusts (Boboli or homemade)

• Pizza sauces

• Pizza Toppings (think of everything from cheese to vegetables and possibly even dessert toppings)

• Tables

• Tablecloths

• Chef hats, aprons, hairnets or some other costumes to make the night fun

• Pizza trays or cookie trays

• Potholders

• Paper plates

• Napkins

• Background music

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