It Takes Two

Scripture and Tradition

Edge Night Outline

Goal of this Night

The goal of this Edge Night to help the youth understand that Sacred Tradition and Sacred Scripture go together to reveal the great mystery of God.

About this night

God has always been revealing Himself to creation. While He can reveal Himself in a multitude of ways, there are two ways that God has guided the Church through the course of history. Sacred Tradition, or eyewitness accounts of who God is and how He has acted throughout history, is one. Sacred Scripture, or the Holy Bible is the better known second way. Regardless, the two are not opposed but instead go together to give the Church a complete revelation of who God is and what He is doing. In the Vatican II document on divine revelation, Dei Verbum, it is explained as such: “For sacred Scripture is the word of God inasmuch as it is consigned to writing under the inspiration of the divine Spirit. To the successors of the apostles, sacred Tradition hands on in its full purity God’s word, which was entrusted to the apostles by Christ the Lord and the Holy Spirit.” For the discussion, it will be important to understand that when we speak of sacred Tradition, we do not mean a custom in a certain region or one that changes over time. Sacred Tradition consists of what has been handed down to us by the apostles through their teaching and preaching.

The night will start with a “pair up” game to enforce the point of Sacred Tradition and Sacred Scripture going together. The teaching will emphasize the necessity of both Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition. A time to process all of this will follow with an interactive game, several small group questions, and a unique activity to create a small group tradition. Finally, a time of prayer will close the night by discussing Thessalonians 2:15 and handing out prayer cards.

Make sure to incorporate an introduction video to the “Proclaim” to explain the value of a tradition. Also, make sure the supplies are set for the various activities. You will need to cut the rope into three feet pieces so they can be used during the Gather activity.

Parental Notice

During this Edge session, we discussed Sacred Tradition and Sacred Scripture as the two ways that God reveals Himself to us. For many of us, we understand Sacred Scripture (Bible) is the Word of God and helps us to understand God – His goodness, love, and mercy. Sacred Tradition, however, is often not as clear. Sacred Tradition (spelled with a capital “T”) refers to what the apostles and disciples (eyewitnesses) taught and wrote and thus passed down. After Jesus ascended into heaven, the apostles and disciples did not begin writing the books or letters we now know as the Bible because they believed that Jesus was going to be coming back soon. Therefore, the apostles were teaching and preaching and instructing people how to live their lives according to Jesus’ words/way of life. This is where we get our Sacred Traditions. As Catholics, we believe the two go together to reveal what God has said and done. As an aside, we also talked about some of our small “t” traditions – often these are local customs or family traditions (what you do together on holidays or when you set up and decorate your tree at Christmas). Each small group was encouraged to establish a tradition that might either be carried out as a group or during the week when the youth are not at Edge.

Here are some questions to help start a conversation with your youth about what he/she learned during Edge:

  • What are examples of how God reveals Himself to us?
  • What is Sacred Tradition?
  • How are Sacred Tradition and Sacred Scripture related?
  • What is the difference between a small “t” tradition and capital “T” Tradition?


Pair up anything and everything. From tables to signs to decorative trees, find as much as you can to pair up and put them throughout the room – especially at the front of the room. Create two banners for the front that say “It Takes Two!” You may want to include another banner that links Sacred Tradition and Sacred Scripture together.

Supplies List

• Rope

• Traffic cones

• Fun prizes

• Bible (several per group)

• Catechism of the Catholic

Church (several per group)

• Poster board

• Paper

• Pens and markers

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