Light the Fire

A Social Night

Edge Night Outline

Goal of this Night

The goal for this Edge Night is to create a fun and welcoming environment to foster relational ministry and community in your ministry.

About this night

What middle school youth doesn’t love fire? This Edge Night will be a fun and exciting way for youth to build community and worship together.

As the youth enter the “campsite,” make sure the Core Team is welcoming them to the night (this is especially true for youth who are at the Edge Night for the first time). Youth will spend the night playing campfire games, singing songs, and making s’mores (of course!) before coming together to light candles that will symbolize the fire of Christ in our own hearts and lives.

Make sure you have a large, open, outdoor space where you can have a bonfire (or a fire pit, if your parish has one). Invite the youth to bring a piece of wood with them to the Edge Night (make sure you have a “base” fire set up and ready to light before the night. It would also be a good idea to have some lighter fluid handy as well, to help expedite the lighting process). Make sure you have a hose or buckets of water nearby. Fires are dangerous: take all precautionary measures necessary (as dictated by your parish) to make sure all the youth remain safe during this night. See Adaptation Ideas if you are unable to have a fire at your parish.

Parental Notice

Tonight was an Edge Social Night about the fire of the Holy Spirit. We were able to have fun and build community by singing fun camp songs, playing games and making s’mores. We also discussed how the Holy Spirit’s fire is in each one of us and how we are called to live out our lives as examples to others.


Use tents, benches, logs, folding camp chairs, blankets, etc. to create a camp scene around the fire area (and to provide seating). Have the youth minister and Core Members dress like park rangers.

Supplies List

• Wood

• Matches or lighter

• Lighter fluid

• Megaphone or outdoor

sound system

• Vigil candles for each youth

• Blankets

• Folding chairs

• S’mores supplies

• Hose or buckets of water

• Red stickers

• Random household objects

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