For The Love of God

An Edge Night on Clothing the Naked

Edge Night Outline

Goal of this Night

The goal of this night is to invite youth into a deeper relationship with God and community, recognizing the many gifts in their lives and the universal call to share those gifts with our brothers and sisters in need, in particular through the Corporal Work of Mercy clothing the naked. The hope of the night is that the youth will see the need of those around them for the essential necessity of clothing and be more willing to give throughout the year.

About this night

This night will begin with handing over an article of clothing that they have brought to donate as admission into the night. In a small group competition, the youth will write down as many personal clothing articles owned as possible in ten minutes. This activity will lead into a teaching on the Corporal Work of Mercy to clothe the naked. The youth will then discuss ways they can be generous out of their surplus. The Edge Night will end with the story of St. Vincent de Paul and a prayer to him for those in need.

Before The Night 

Prior to the night, tell the Edge youth to bring an article of clothing as a donation and admission into the Edge Night. Get the word out about this clothing drive in whatever mode of communication works best at your parish so that they whole parish can participate. If someone shows up without an article of clothing, have extras on hand to give to him or her for admission.


Have articles of clothing all around the room, on hangers, in laundry baskets, and in piles on the floor.  The idea is to present the space as having a surplus of clothing.

Supplies List

  • Lots of clothing (invite the Core Team to bring bags of clothing that can be donated after the night)
  • Laundry baskets
  • Hangers
  • Paper and pens (one for each person)

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