Love One Another

Introduction to the Corporal Works of Mercy

Edge Night Outline

Goal of this Night

The goal of this Edge Night is to introduce the youth to the semester on the seven Corporal Works of Mercy.  The night will emphasize the call to love one another and the dignity of every human person.

About this night

This is the introduction night to the semester on the Corporal Works of Mercy.  The Catechism of the Catholic Church teaches, “by his reason, man recognizes the voice of God which urges him ‘to do what is good and avoid what is evil.’  Everyone is obliged to follow this law, which makes itself heard in conscience and is fulfilled in the love of God and of neighbor. Living a moral life bears witness to the dignity of the person” (1706).  This Edge Night is an opportunity to guide the youth to a fundamental understanding of the call to love one another.  It is through the fulfillment of this call that we meet Christ in our neighbor and fully function as brothers and sisters in the Body of Christ.

The Edge Night starts with a fun and simple physical challenge where the youth will explore whether a task is easier to accomplish on their own or with a partner/group.  The teaching gives a brief overview of the seven Corporal Works of Mercy and focuses on what it means for the middle school youth to love their neighbor as Christ calls them to.  The small group time is an opportunity to answer some challenging questions about why we sometimes do not help those in need.  The youth will also be asked to identify and pray for some individuals in their lives with whom they can share the love of Christ. The night ends with a personal testimony and song.

Before the night

Pick out a Core Member, preferably a high school teen, to give a testimony during the Send about what it means to them to love others with the love of Christ. Be sure to hear the testimony before the Edge Night. Gather all of the supplies needed for the activities and for the environment.


The environment should be one that celebrates friendship, community, and most of all, God’s love. Hang up pictures of Edge youth from previous semesters, and pictures showing people sharing, praying, and working together.  You can also include banners or posters with Scripture passages that support the theme of the night (see the Key Scripture list for some ideas).small table in the well; place a statue or picture of Jesus on it as well as a bowl of holy water.

Supplies List

Small paper bags (1 per student)

Slips of paper (7 per student)

Pens (1 per student)

Prayer cards (1 per student)

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