What is Love?

Sacraments of Service

Edge Night Outline

Goal of this Night

The goal of the night is to help the youth understand that they are called to love fully. The night will discuss how the two Sacraments of Service are intended to aid us in learning to love and serve as we are called. An emphasis will be placed on the graces received in these sacraments and how each sacrament is lived out in being a selfless gift to others.

About this night

The night will begin with a few fun high-energy games where the youth will be challenged to find their “match.” It will then transition to a talk about the Sacraments of Service and the sacrificial love that is at the heart of both of these sacraments. During the Break the youth will be separated into guys and girls groups for a time of Q&A. The night will conclude with the washing of feet as a true sign of sacrificial love.

Before the Night

Cut paper into strips and put different animal names on each strip of paper for the Gather activity; make sure to have two strips of paper with the same animal name on it.  Pick out the people you want to participate in the girls and guys Q&A Session about vocations; make sure to have an array of married, single, and consecrated men and women to represent each vocation. Pick out a few people to take part in the washing of the feet for the Send activity.

Parental Notice

During Edge we discussed the two Sacraments of Service: Matrimony and Holy Orders. We saw that although the two are different in many ways, the two Sacraments have a similar foundation in that they specifically create a venue for everyone’s vocation to love. Taking Jesus’ New Commandment, “love as I have love you” (John 13:34), the Church understands that Jesus gives love a new meaning and that we are called to serve one another. We also discussed that we must look at Jesus and His cross as our constant model of self-giving love.

We had an open Q&A with both married and religious men and women. This would be a great opportunity to ask your youth some questions about where they see God them in the future. Here are a few questions:

  • Is the media’s idea of love the same as what Christ teaches us about love?
  • What was interesting to hear about each vocation?
  • What are your thoughts about the priesthood or religious life?
  • What is something new you learned about marriage?


When decorating for this night think of Valentine’s Day. The room should be decorated with hearts, cupids, and other love-related decorations. Make sure to have a large crucifix visible in the front of the room. Also, on a large piece paper write the words “What is Love?” and put it in the front of the room, or project it on a screen.

Supplies List

• Buckets for water

• Towels

• Slips of Paper

• Pens

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