Praying the Hail Mary

Edge Night Outline

Goal of this Night

The goal of this Edge Night is to introduce Mary, the mother of Christ as the Mother of God, as well as show how she points us to Christ. The youth will also learn about prayer to Mary as an intercessor.

About this night

Tonight we are talking about Mary, the Mother of Jesus Christ – the Mother of God. In another Edge Night we discuss Mary’s Fiat or “Yes” to God’s plan. In this Edge Night we are discussing Mary’s role as mother and then looking at the Hail Mary. It is important for the youth to see that this prayer is based in Scripture. For some Christians, they struggle to understand Mary and her role. However through our examination of Mary’s role in Jesus’ life, we come to understand her importance and our need to have her as our mother as well. Mary is the best example of what it means to be a follower of Jesus. We can trust that she will always lead us closer to her Son.

The night begins with the normal introduction and welcoming by the youth minister – and then the middle school youth go directly to their small groups where they will have a project with markers and poster board together. Upon returning and presenting their small group creation, the Proclaim portion of the night will be given – which will have two main parts – how Mary points us to Christ, and why we pray to Mary. In small groups the students will break this topic open a bit more and discuss how Mary can be a part of their lives today. Finally, the Send will involve praying a decade of the rosary together along with ending with the Hail Holy Queen. Ideally the middle school youth should be given a copy of the Hail Mary and the Hail Holy Queen – possibly a homemade card with a prayer on each side.

Before The Night
During small group, the youth will be making a rosary that they can take with them. You will want to pre-cut the rope you are using for small group. This will ensure that you have enough rope for each youth and the rope is the correct size. Also, beads for their rosary can be purchased at any craft store. You will need approximately 60 beads per youth. If possible encourage the youth to use different colors or a different size for the bead representing the mystery. You will also want to buy crucifixes that the youth can add to the rosary.

Parental Notice

During tonight’s Edge session, we discussed Mary, the Virgin Mother of God and the Hail Mary prayer. We discussed how Mary points us to Christ in everything. Her last words in Scripture were at the wedding feast at Cana, “Do whatever he tells you” (John 2:5). This verse reminds us, too, that we should follow Christ and His plan for our lives. We talked and learned about why and how we can pray to Mary, and concluded the night with a decade of the Rosary. Some things to talk about with your child might be:

  1. What do you remember about what you learned about Mary tonight?
  2. How does Mary point us to Christ?
  3. Will you pray a rosary with me?



Set up the main meeting room like a home family room with comfy chairs, possibly a sofa, television, and other items. Add signs and pictures that reflect that the family is celebrating Mother’s Day. Have signs and cards around the room that say “Happy Mother’s Day!” and “You’re the best mom ever!” Maybe add some flowers to a table in the center. Somewhere in the space, add a picture of the Virgin Mary.

Supplies List

• Poster Boards

• Markers

• Handout A: “How to Pray the Rosary”

• Leather string or sturdy rope (see Before the Night)

• Various color beads • Small crucifix for each youth

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