Middle School Jesus

God the Son

Edge Night Outline

Goal of this Night

The goal of this Edge Night is to explain the Son of God and the Incarnation. It introduces the second section of the Creed on the Son of God and makes the middle school youth aware of Christ’s humanity and divinity.

About this night

“I believe in Jesus Christ, His only Son, our Lord…” This Edge Night introduces the purpose for God becoming flesh in Jesus Christ. God became man in Jesus Christ – possessing two natures in one person – so that we might be saved and participate in God’s own divine nature. In particular, Jesus became a model for holiness and revealed God’s incredible desire to love us in a personal relationship. Christ taught us how we should live and challenges us to live according to the precept of loving God first and our neighbor as ourselves. Ultimately, Jesus helps us to know that God is love (John 3:16).

Tonight, the youth will begin by entering into the middle school years of Jesus and taking a humorous look at the Incarnation – God becoming man. The youth will be challenged to ask the question of why God became flesh. At the end of the night, the youth will encounter Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.

Before the night

Invite a member of your parish clergy to come for Eucharistic Adoration at the end of the Edge Night. Also ask a musician to be present to lead worship during Adoration.


The environment for this Edge Night should make everyone think they are back in their school. Create banners, pennants and other decorations with the local middle school(s) colors. Have the front of the room set up like a classroom. Use a chalkboard or whiteboard, teacher’s desk, bookshelves, etc. to create a “set” for the skit as well.

Supplies List


Altar setup for Eucharistic Adoration

TV and DVD player or Projector and Screen


Pencils or pens


Handout A: “I Love You Jesus”

End of Free Preview

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