Minute To Win It!

An Edge Social Night

Edge Night Outline

Goal of this Night

The goal of this Edge Night is to have fun and build fellowship and community at Edge.

About this night

Have you seen the game show on NBC called “Minute to Win It?” It is the greatest gift to youth ministers since Matt Maher. The premise of the game show is that you have to complete 10, one-minute challenges in order to win the game. The challenges all have a one-minute time limit and become increasingly difficult as the game progresses. With each challenge you completed, you win more money. If you complete all 10 challenges, you win a million dollars. The best part about the challenges is that they are all games that can be done using simple household items. The games are essentially youth ministry icebreakers.

The night will begin with 10 stations set up around the room and one Core Member at each station. The youth will be in groups of four to five people. Each person will be given a score sheet with the name of each game listed on the sheet. The youth will compete to see which group can complete all 10 competitions first. The youth will rotate so that everyone will get an opportunity to play. The object is to complete the task within a minute. If they fail the task, they must rotate to another station before they can come back and attempt the task that they failed. The first youth to complete all 10 tasks wins.

Before The Night 

Have every Core Member prepare one of the 10 games for the night. Go to http://www.nbc.com/minute-to-win-it/ and click on games. Then click on “all about the games.” There is a list of 65 games with full explanations on how to play each game and video demonstrations for every game. Each game is played with simple items that you can find around your house.


The theme is game show. Have bright lights or Christmas lights surrounding the room. Create a set and dramatic music playing in the background. Have the youth minister dressed up like the host of the game show. The setup of each station will consume most of the space in the room.

Supplies List

Whatever supplies necessary for the games that you select

Prizes for winners


Small Group Score Sheets


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