Mysterious Signs

Christ and the Sacraments

Edge Night Outline

Goal of this Night

The goal of this night is to help the youth understand that the Sacraments come from Jesus Christ and are continued in and through the Catholic Church.

About this night

The Catholic Church professes that “the sacraments of the new law were…all instituted by Jesus Christ our Lord” (CCC 114). Our Lord did not only institute the seven Sacraments, but is Himself a Sacrament of salvation because He is the perfect revelation of the Trinity. Jesus Christ also completely and perfectly offers Himself as the willing victim, so that those who are dead to sin might have life-everlasting. The mysteries of Christ’s life become the foundations of these seven Sacraments that Jesus entrusts not just to anyone, but only to His apostles. These signs have been faithfully handed on to every bishop and priest for the last 2000 years.

This Edge Night will be themed around “signs.” The night will begin with the youth playing a new twist on the old game “Simon Says.” Instead of them having to use their ears to pay attention, they will have to use their eyes. The Proclaim will focus on the fact that Jesus gave us the Sacraments and will highlight the Scriptural foundations of each of the seven Sacraments. After the Proclaim, each small group will have the opportunity to discuss the main points of the talk and how it relates to them. After the small group questions, each small group will make one collage based on the Sacrament assigned to them. The night will conclude with the Litany of the Holy Name of Jesus, allowing the youth to focus on the mercy and grace that Christ wants to bestow upon them.

Before The Night

Every small group will need at least a couple of age-appropriate magazines. Ask the Core Team or parents to bring in/donate any extra or unneeded magazines. Also create the signs that will be used for the “Simon Says” game in the Gather activity; these signs should have various actions written on them like “sit,” “jump,” “spin in a circle,” etc. Print off copies of the Litany of the Name of Jesus so the youth can follow along, or be prepared to have it projected or up on a screen.

Parental Notice

Tonight we began to explore how it was Christ who instituted the Sacraments. Jesus, in His life, gave us the foundations of the Sacraments that the Church celebrates. He entrusted these Sacraments to His apostles and they remain just as true today as they were when the apostles celebrated them. The youth were able to see the Scriptural foundations of each of the seven Sacraments, and heard that the Catholic Church is the only faith that holds to all seven of the Sacraments that Jesus instituted. Consider the following questions for discussion this week:

  • What are some of the stories that were talked about, and what Sacraments do they reflect?
  • Is there any Sacrament that struck you and that you would like to learn more about?
  • How can we as a family be more faithful to the Sacraments and to the Catholic Church?


The room should be filled with signs (street signs, road signs, store signs, exit signs, etc), either printed out and hung on the walls or physical signs. Signs should overwhelm the youth when they enter. Try to also incorporate a symbol for each of the Sacraments in the room.

Supplies List

• Paper

• Markers

• Scissors

• Magazines — enough for

every small group

• Glue/Glue Sticks

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