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Edge Night Outline

Goal of this Night

The goal of this Edge Night is to help the youth understand the Catholic Church’s teaching on solidarity and call them to action in living it out. The night focuses on love of neighbor and how Jesus Christ shows us not only the dignity of humanity, but also how to respond the needs of those around us.

About this night

This night is closely connected to the “Dignity of the Human Person” Edge Night, but focuses more on love of neighbor as the middle school youth explore solidarity. To help the youth better understand solidarity, the night focuses a lot on the teachings on Blessed Pope John Paul II and the example of Christ in loving our neighbor. In becoming man, Jesus shows us the importance of humanity and also how to live our shared humanity. Jesus was present as a human person in the world and clearly taught us to treat one another as brothers and sisters. Because of this oneness of man, we are called to help those around us. Solidarity is a firm commitment to the common good, not simply when there is a tragedy or when feeling sorry for someone we encounter. Solidarity, which flows from our faith, is an understanding that we are “the body of Christ” and we are united by our humanity and dependence on God.

The night will begin with a fun game that introduces love of neighbor. Following the icebreaker game, the Proclaim will start with love of neighbor, explain Christ’s example of that love, and challenge the youth to live out solidarity locally and globally. The talk also includes the story of the Notre Dame boxing team’s annual charity intramural tournament that donates proceeds to impoverished Bangladesh. As the youth will see in the YouTube video, the story was filmed as a documentary to show the connection between the college boxers and the people they are helping halfway around the world. After the Proclaim, the middle school youth will break into small groups for discussion and brainstorming on solidarity. After the small group activities, the night will move into a time of prayer to show the youth that prayer is always a true sign of solidarity and one action we can take every day.

Parental Notice

hear a lot about. However, it is not just something we should talk about – it is something we should live. During tonight’s Edge session, we looked at the Catholic social teaching of solidarity, which calls to acknowledge the oneness of the human family. Solidarity draws on the understanding of the dignity of all human persons. Through that dignity, we are called to stand in solidarity with those in need. Solidarity is not simply during a tragedy or when we see someone hurting in our society – it is a willingness to work and pray for those in need. The middle school youth were challenged to live out solidarity through various means: praying for those in need, finding ways to help those in need, being involved in your church, and together as a family, to donate time and money to charities. During the ride home, ask your child what plan of action was decided on in small group.

Other discussion questions:

  1. What did Jesus teach us about solidarity through the way He lived? Through the way He preached?
  2. Is there something we could do as a family to be more active in helping our neighbor?


Tonight’s environment should resemble a neighborhood. Use large pieces of paper to draw a town and put it on the walls around the main gathering space. Be sure to detail street signs or even make some out of cardboard with themes that tie into the night, such as Unity Street, Neighbor Road, Helping Hand Drive, etc. Include other signs, such as One Way (emphasizing oneness of man).

Supplies List

• Chairs

• Newsprint

• Markers

• Litany of Our Lady of Czestochowa (Handout A )

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