Oh When the Saints Go Marching In!

Communion of Saints

Edge Night Outline

Goal of this Night

The purpose of the Edge Night is to use the lives of the saints to inspire the youth while also giving them a chance to respond to the universal call to holiness.

About this night

This Edge Night addresses the statement in the Creed, “I believe in the communion of saints.” This Edge night will focus on the role of saints in the Church as well as the intercession of our patrons in heaven. However, holiness is not simply reserved for priests, religious or saints. We are all called to be holy – we are all called to be saints. The youth will be challenged to examine their own lives and see how they can grow in holiness and what areas need to change. The youth will see that the saints are also great role models for us as Catholics.

The Edge Night begins with a pep rally. The youth will look at a video yearbook of the “the saint most likely to…” The night progresses as the youth learn about the lives of the saints and how their lives fit into the universal call to holiness. In particular, there will be a witness about a person that lives holiness in their everyday life. Finally, the night ends with a prayer involving the intercession of the saints.

Before The Night

Make a video yearbook of Saints. Have pictures of saints with a quote, “saint most likely to…” You can do saint most likely to party (St. Augustine), saint most likely to levitate (St. Joseph of Cupertino), saint most likely to give you the shirt off his back (St. Maximillian Kolbe), saint most likely to be a veterinarian (St. Francis of Assisi), saint most likely to be your teacher (St. Elizabeth Ann Seton), saint most likely to a florist (St. Therese the Little Flower), etc. Have the slideshow playing as the youth walk in.


Make a pearly gate for the youth to walk through as they enter the room. Decorate with clouds around the room and have someone at the front gate welcoming everyone to heaven. Have a slideshow playing of yearbook pictures. The yearbook should be, “saint most likely to…” Have all the Core embers dressed as their favorite saints. Crispin’s “When the Saints Go Marching In” is a fun song to have playing in the background.

Supplies List

Blank notecards

Video/DVD player or projector/screen




Slideshow of saint yearbook photos

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