Operation Body and Soul

An Edge Night on Burying the Dead

Edge Night Outline

Goal of this Night

The goal of this Edge Night is for the middle school youth to understand the sacredness of the human body, which incorporates the Corporal Work of Mercy to bury the dead. Although decisions about burial and funerals are left to adults, there are practical ways middle school youth can practice this work of mercy.

About this night

The call to bury the dead as a Corporal Work of Mercy offers an opportunity for us to look at the sacredness of the body. Even after death, the body is not disregarded and discarded, it is treated with respect and care because we have faith and hope in the Resurrection of the body. During this Edge Night, the youth will come to a better understanding of the sacredness of the body (even after death), while learning ways to live out this Work of Mercy.

The Gather has youth playing a game involving Cavity Sam from the board game Operation©. It is followed by the Proclaim, which focuses on the sacredness of the body and respecting the body after death. The Break offers a time of discussion that leads to a card-making activity for the deceased of the parish. The youth will pray for the dead during the Send with a Litany for the Dead.

Before the Night

Contact the person at your parish who oversees the funeral Masses. Ask them for some names of the families of parishioners who have recently passed away for the youth to make cards for at your upcoming Edge Night.


You will be creating a life-size Operation© game board as the center point of the gathering space. To do this, you can either print an enlarged version of the game board or draw your own. The goal is to make the game’s “Cavity Sam” about five-feet tall. To do this print or draw the image on large sheets of paper, then glue the sheets together on poster board or a large piece of cardboard or tape it to the front wall. Have the Core Team wear surgical masks and/or hospital scrubs. The youth minister could dress as a doctor. You may also want to hand out gummy candy of brains, hearts, organs, and bones, which can be purchased at many candy shops.

Supplies List

  • Blank cards
  • Paper
  • Markers
  • Tweezers for each small group
  • Surgical masks
  • Nursing scrubs
  • Items to create Operation board game
  • Copies of Litany for the Dead

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