A Social Night

Edge Night Outline

Goal of this Night

The middle school youth will grow in community and get to know other youth in the group. The youth will work together in teams to compete in games.

About this night

Ever wonder what it would be like if board games were life-size? This Edge Night takes a few simple games and brings them to life.

As the youth enter the room, make sure the Core Team is welcoming them to the Edge Night. The night will begin with a general welcoming and recognition of any birthdays. After, the youth minister will take time to explain all the different games and how each one is played. Once the games are explained the youth will then get into teams to begin playing the games. The night will conclude with a short prayer of thanksgiving for community.

This night will take some prep time as many of the game elements will need to be built. Invite members of the community to donate supplies and/or come help put the elements together. This is a good way to invite others into the ministry and get to know the parents of the youth.

Parental Notice

Tonight was an Edge Social night where the youth participated in many different types of oversized games. We had fun competing and building community. Try taking a night this week to play a board game as a family.


The environment for this night will mainly be the games. For added environment create large prints of board game covers like “Clue,” “Life,” “Jenga,” “Hungry, Hungry Hippo,” and “Candyland.” The Core Members can also dress as characters from the games.

Supplies List

• Boxes

• Rope

• Sports Balls (soccer, baseball, basketball, etc)

• Bandanas (yellow, pink, green, orange)

• Wooden Dowels

• Spray Paint (red, blue, green, yellow, black)

• 5 square boxes

• Black paper

• Trash can

• Score Card

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