Prayer Squared

What Can Help Me Pray?

Edge Night Outline

Goal of this Night

The goal of this night is for the middle school youth to be equipped with different tools and guides that can aid in their growing prayer life. The approach of this night is to build off what has already been learned, the youth know what prayer is, where to pray, how to start prayer, what to pray about, and now they will be given specific prayers and things to do that can help them when they are actually praying to further their relationship with Christ.

About this night

Using a “math formula” theme, this Edge Night will explore the importance of prayer and what can help in the middle school youth’s prayer life. The night will begin with a riddle challenge. After a teaching on aids to help with prayer, the youth will have an opportunity hear a Core Member share about his or her own prayer life. The Send gives the youth an opportunity to enter into a specific type of prayer and make a commitment to daily prayer in their lives.

Prepare materials for the opening activity (riddles), get prizes ready, print mathematical formulas, and find outfits for the Core Team. Assign a Core Member to give the prayer testimony and have them share it with the Core Team before he or she presents it for the youth.

Parental Notice

At Edge this week we talked about what can help us pray. As Christians, prayer is something we know we should do, but many of us struggle with developing a daily prayer life. Below are a few discussion questions to help you and your youth talk about this Edge Night:

  •  What helps you pray?
  • What is your favorite prayer?
  • Share with your child how your own prayer life developed from when you were a child to a young adult to an adult.
  • Why is it often difficult to remain committed to a prayer routine? What are some obstacles your face?
  • How can our family incorporate more prayer into our lives?


The room should visually represent mathematical and/or physics formulas. You want to give it a feel of a college classroom or some type of academic environment.  Have the Core dress up as professors (bow ties, etc.). Strategically place the Bibles, rosaries, prayer cards, and Mass song sheets around the room; they will be used later in the night for a scavenger hunt.

Supplies List

  • Riddle Handout page 45
  • Math formulas
  • Prizes
  • Paper
  • Pen
  • Bibles (one for each small group)
  • Rosaries (one for each small group)
  • Saint prayer card (one for each small group)
  • Mass song sheets (one for each small group)

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