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Edge Night Outline

Goal of this Night

The goal of this night is to challenge the middle school youth that evangelization begins with the way we live our lives. People see and learn about the love of God by the way we behave and treat others.

About this night

The Catholic Church, by her nature, is evangelistic. Jesus taught and instructed the apostles and disciples to go into the world and “preach the Good News.” Through our Baptism, we are called into the mission of the Church: to evangelize the world. Although we may get caught up in the tragedies of today, we must live and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As St. Francis said, we evangelize others by the way we live our lives. Often middle school youth struggle to understand that their actions affect other people and affects their witness of faith.

St. Francis should make an appearance for this Edge Night to talk to the youth about living out the faith. The environment, icebreaker, and opening activity will all focus the youth’s attention on their “walk,” or the way they live their lives. A Core Member dressed as St. Francis of Assisi will do the Proclaim and share about the life of St. Francis as well as a challenge to live a life of holiness.

Parental Notice

We had a visit from St. Francis of Assisi tonight to talk to us about evangelization. Our goal was to help the youth understand that their actions speak louder than words, especially when it comes to sharing their faith with others. One important resource that we looked at tonight is from a blog titled: “To Party or Not to Party: The ‘Good Influence’ Argument.” You can read the entire blog on for further reading and discussion with your youth. You can discuss how this article is not just about alcohol, but also about cheating at school, what he/she does on the internet, lying, behavior at school, etc. Here are some questions for the ride home or during the week:

1. What do you think it means that actions speak louder than words?

2. If others came to our home, would they be able to tell we are Christians by the way we treat one another?


Think: Feet! Since the night is on our Christian “walk,” decorate the room with cut out feet or lots of pairs of shoes with many varieties. If you use cut out feet, post them all around the room. If you use shoes, decorate the front of the room with the shoes.

Supplies List

• Brown “robe” for St. Francis

• Walking stick

• Handout A: “Responding to A Blog”

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